Outfits of FIT: Head-to-Toe Monochromatic

Red, orange, yellow, or really, any color of the rainbow—wear the same color head-to-toe, and you have yourself a monochromatic look! This season, wearing the same color and playing with different hues has been one of the biggest trends in fashion and among FIT students themselves. Every editorial shoot, influencer, and big fashion house has at least dabbled in the trend, if not broadcasting it on all platforms. It’s a super easy trend for anyone to wear, all you have to do is pick a color and stick with it. Down below, we’ll jump across the spectrum and show you our most loved monochromatic looks from the students of FIT! 

As your parents told you, “Eat your greens,” but also don’t forget to wear them! This outfit is simple and casual, yet done so well with the different hues of green.


You will be making more than just a fashion statement by wearing a neon yellow look, you will also be stopping traffic, for all the right reasons! We love how this is a cozy yet dressed up look, perfect for class or a dinner party.

Yes, this still counts as a monochromatic look. Keep it classic and sophisticated while wearing all black, AKA the New Yorker’s daily uniform.

Bubblegum pink from the headband all the way to the shoe laces, this is a true dedicated monochromatic look ladies and gentlemen, so take notes!

 Gossip Girl but make it 2019. Even her hair goes with the color scheme of this outfit, and we are into it. Also, can we just say this is the best modern day Blair Waldorf outfit we’ve ever seen?

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