Outfits of FIT: Casual, Cozy, and Cute

It’s time to get out your favorite sweatshirts, oversized sweaters, and sweatpants! The temperature is dropping day by day, and the sun is disappearing earlier and earlier, which means winter is coming. Our student body is known for dressing up, although, I have to say we’ve definitely mastered the key to dressing casual, cozy, and cute. After all, us New Yorkers need to stay warm on our daily commutes to FIT. Down below we gathered our favorite casual looks so you can get inspired by the FIT students themselves. 


Oversized everything please!

Who knew a sweatshirt could look be this cute? Oh right, that’s because it’s tie dye.


Sweatpants but make it fashion.

You won’t be feeling blue while wearing this outfit.

We’ve found our dream fuzzy sweater, and it happens to be this one.

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