Outfits of FIT: A Sex & The City Moment

Located on New York City’s 27th street, between 7th and 8th avenue, FIT’s campus spans one bustling block of fashion, art, and culture. Columnist Larissa Gill explores the personal styles of these students, while noting common trends at this fashion hub.


A fun pair of heels, a funky outfit, and all the glam; Sometimes us fashion students need to have a little Sex and the City moment every once in awhile. Whether you’re a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or a Miranda, everyone needs to have a night out in the city where they feel their best and most confident. Bodycon dresses, fun jackets, and vintage inspired boots; These are just some of the trends we’ve been seeing on a night out in the city. Down below we are going to show you how the FIT students play dress up on the weekends, or even week days! 


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First off, this is a total Samantha outfit, IMO.  Patent leather on patent leather, a bold statement that is perfect for a night out. We are admiring the white and black color choice that balances out all the different textures that are in the outfit.



Next, catch this color on color on color! If you can’t decide on what color to wear on a night out, we recommend just wearing them all. We are sure you will stop traffic in this outfit, whether it’s the colors, fur jacket, or 80’s patterned dress, you’ll be making a statement.



You don’t have to wear a dress to be dressed up because jumpsuits exist! This red snakeskin jumpsuit was met for a night out in the city. 



We needed this glam moment. This purple palette is everything, and is totally 80’s inspired. Bonus points for being monochromatic, from the eyes to the dress. 



Finally, we love this classic body-con dress with a twist—it’s tie dye! Most people think of tie dye in a casual matter but this look proves us all wrong. This outfit is totally simple, just a dress and some black boots, but the tie dye makes it a statement; showing us that a bold pattern can go a long way!