Orange Juice and More – Nicole’s June Editor’s Picks


A New Yorker September to May; a Jersey girl June to August; an avid orange juice drinker: all 12 months of the year. And just like that I would like to introduce you to my June picks, which more strangely than shockingly enough, include orange juice. (This is the part where you wonder why orange juice and keep reading.) Truth be told, there’s no elaborate explanation other than me loving the taste of the drink whether it be with pulp, no pump, or some pulp… and having this same opinion since elementary school. It is one of the things that will stay consistent month to month, while my favorites in fashion, beauty, TV, music, etc. might not.

In addition, I’ve been carrying the Tropical Paradise ChapStick everywhere this month. The fruity flavors like aloha coconut and mango sunrise not only provide the perfect amount of moisture but also feel like summer on your lips. Even when I do wear lipstick I put a light layer under. However, heavier makeup has not been a big part of my beauty routine since I have started getting eyelash extensions at Ebenezer Eyelash in NYC. My long and voluminous lashes (yet still on the more natural side) have given me more confidence to live my life with little (Tarte Amazonian Clay BB tinted moisturizer) to zero make up.

Now picture this: some platinum blonde girl with her windows down, Spaceship by Galantis blasting, biker shorts, Jeffrey Campbell chunky white platform sneakers, and a pair of shield sunglasses on, on her way to get Playa Bowls. You just pictured me at least 2 times a week. As for what is Playa Bowls…it is a food chain that originated at the Jersey Shore in 2014 that sells bowls made of various kinds of blended fruit topped with toppings of your choice. My favorite? PINK POWER.

And though I’ve visited the Jersey Shore only twice in the past month, I am watching Jersey Shore: Family Vacation every single week. Born and raised in New Jersey, I’ve been a big fan of the series from the beginning. Some call it stupid, but as long as i’m laughing, they’re doing something right. *Sips OJ with sass*.

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