Birchbox: November Favorites (1/3)

This month’s $10 Birchbox had all the essentials for the cooler months and more. The LAQA & Co. B’Lighter Blush + Highlighter and JUARA Candlenut Body Crème in particular were really my heroes and slight addictions this past week.

I love a good twofer so when I found the LAQA & Co. B’Lighter Blush + Highlighter multi-useful I was ecstatic. This soft pink, cream, duel highlighter and blush in-one initially seemed like any other cream highlighter but I was soon proven wrong. As a woman of color on the darker side of the scale, I admit I had my objections at first glance but once I swiped the product across my cheek bone it was love at … second sight.

The blush highlighter went on so smooth and the finish wasn’t oily or anything of the sort. It applied easy, like a cream should, before dissolving into the finest pressed glitter that sat on the surface of my skin creating a natural glow.

Honesty Hour: The light pink did not show on my darker complexion so it was not at all a blush on me. However, over the course of a week I found I liked to use it in simple yet nonetheless stunning methods.

I first used it as a natural all-over glow. I mixed a dab of my facial moisturizer with the highlighter then rubbed it into my skin evenly. This lifted my skin with a natural radiance with no foundation. Another day I used this combination as a primer to aid my skin in glowing through medium-coverage foundation. The third and final use was its original intention as a final step highlighter. It was the perfect cool tone glow I needed for a natural everyday glow.

As for this relaxing lotion it was love at first… whiff. This thick and cream moisturizer was accompanied with a eucalyptus scent perfect for a busy day. With these below-30 degree days and drying nights it’s important I have moisturizer on hand that really penetrates my skin and leaves it hydrated for longer than one step outside. JUARA Candlenut Body Crème was everything I needed in a winter moisturizer throughout the day.

This perfect curation of product by Birchbox definitely has me hooked and I’ll be coming back for more very soon. Stay tune for the next review of the remaining Birchbox gems!

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