Not Your Mother’s Pearls: Affordable, Chic Accessories for Fall

Fall has officially arrived and as per usual, has gifted us with endless layering opportunities and styles to work with, all over 27th street and beyond. If there’s one accessory to look out for this season that can turn your closet from hot girl summer to chic girl fall, it’s pearls. Whether they’re embroidered onto garments, shoes and handbags or draped into hair or jewelry, pearls are the go-to inspo to incorporate throughout your fall wardrobe—and here are 6 ways to wear them. 

Earrings For Days

Pearl Earrings

Pearls are a classic: They’ve always been in, but add a twist to your regular ear candy with these wallet-friendly and funky styles that will definitely make your looks stand out.

Double Up On Necklaces and Rings

Pearl Necklace

Add these chic accessories to your fall outfits by layering and creating statement pieces!

Hair Candy

Peal Clips

Why should your ears and neck have all the fun? Hair accessories are a great alternative to jewelry when you want to style up your looks in a subtle way. Incorporate a pearl hair clip, headband, or even an embellished ponytail into your Fall looks this season.

Embellished Apparel & Shoes

Pearl Clothes

Eliminate the need to coordinate jewelry in the morning by incorporating these embellished styles that are affordable and easy to wear!

Colored Pearls

Colored Pearls

Create a funky spin from your usual accessories by adding colored pearls to your monotoned outfits.

A little Pearl Goes A Long Way

Pearls Gallore

Looking for an easy way to accessorize your fall wardrobe with some pearls? Add these affordable yet subtle accessories to style your inspo!