Nike to Sell Sneakers on Instagram

By Landuo Yuan

Could the Social Media Giant Win the E-Commerce Race?

In the frantic e-commerce race between internet giants Amazon, Google, and Facebook/Instagram, Nike just gave Zuckerberg an air max boost by announcing that its Instagram followers will soon be able to “seamlessly” shop within the platform.

Several well-known brands including J.Crew and Kate Spade have been selling on Instagram with shoppable tags, which direct followers to a purchasing link once they double-click a tagged product in a post. However, Nike’s wording hints that its collaboration with the platform will be a new and (most likely for a limited time) exclusive feature. While we could be wrong, a UX improvement on Instagram’s shopping feature could certainly benefit both the app and collaborating brands by driving up conversion rates. With Amazon Fashion breathing down her neck, Instagram’s Director of Fashion Partnerships Eva Chen will have to pull some new tricks out of her ruffled sleeves to secure more exclusive, high-end clients.

Dominating the basketball shoe market with a 90% market share and 4 times higher social media interactions than competitor Adidas, Nike’s shares have spiked up to 8.8% since the announcement of its Instagram venture.

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