New BeautyBlender Sponge Launched to Make You Glow

BeautyBlender recently launched their new Cheeky sponge known as beauty.blusher cheeky, strictly meant for applying highlighter and blush. The new sponge is a bit smaller than the normal blender and comes in a few new different colors ranging from gray to coral. The smaller size fits the apples of your cheeks and allows you to carefully apply highlight or blush to your cheekbones without getting your normal blender covered in foundation and shimmer. The new size will perfectly distribute the highlight evenly, leaving your face shining brighter than Times Square itself.


For those who may be worried about trying a new product after using the OG blender sponge for so long, don’t be alarmed. The only difference is the size. The sponge is the same material, made to be sure you get full use out of every drop of your makeup. The sponge can be purchased for exactly $16.00, which some fans aren’t too happy about. Many consumers are worried that the sponge isn’t worth the price and that a regular beauty blender can do just the same as long as it’s kept clean and washed often. If you’re a true beauty blender lover, you definitely have a purchase worth a lot of thought coming your way. Is the new size worth the hype and perfect shimmer it promises, or is the good old original sponge all you need for all makeup applications?


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