Why the Nation is Wearing Safety Pins

By Nicolette DeStefano


Due to the recent election of Donald Trump, many groups such as immigrants, Muslims, POC, women, and others feel extremely apprehensive about what the future holds. While the majority of Trump supporters are calling this fear an “overreaction,” posts of hate crimes all over social media has swept the nation and confirmed that the United States is, and will become, more hostile with time.

The election, to no surprise, has influenced hundreds of thousands of people to use their voices and protest against Trump’s presidency. However, others are taking a more subtle, non-verbal route in solidarity by wearing a safety pin. This safety pin expresses support and love to those in need during these stressful times. The safety pin movement has become a large symbol across the country due to the victims who have experienced religious, homophobic, and racist abuse shortly after the election.

Wearing a safety pin was first started by a woman of the name of Allison, who used it as a political message in the UK after the vote to leave the European Union. People followed  in her footsteps, and described this trend as a “Brexit” vote. This was a way to express their solidarity with refugees and immigrants, without using speech.

Recently in California at the San Diego State University there were allegedly two individuals who attacked a woman wearing hijab. The report stated that the two suspects cornered the muslim woman in a parking complex, and stole her car keys while expressing thoughts about Trump. The woman was not hurt during the attack, but her vehicle was later reported missing to authorities.


The main goal of the safety pin is to let those who fall under these circumstances of the election that they have fellow Americans by their side to help protect them. This safety pin has not only been a continuous emblem, but now has become more of a movement all across the nation. Thousands of social media posts are appearing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with photos of people wearing a safety pin with the hashtag #SafetyPin. These posts are a friendly reminder to those afflicted by the election that they have a safe place to come to.

When a person wears a safety pin, they are showing immigrants, LGBTQ community, and whoever is negatively affected and treated by the presidency election, that they care and do whatever it takes to help combat racism, sexism, xenophobia, and ableism. So, whenever you see a person wearing one of these powerful symbols, just know that they are a friendly face, and will fight and stand with you throughout this whole battle.

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