Must-Have Pieces For Your Fall Closet

Gotta put away linen blouses to replace with chunky sweaters.

The best season of the year is right now. As fall is not meltingly hot, nor freezingly cold, it is the most ideal time to dress up. Even if you still work virtually with piles of video calls per day, it is totally worth updating your wardrobe so you can feel good and awaken from that end-of-summer slump. Harness the new season’s energy to reinvigorate yourself with these exciting fall trends. Whether you’re layering your dress with a blazer or rocking a leather jacket, dressing in the spirit of fall is a must—well, as long as you’re not in your pajamas. 


Below, we’ve got a list of must-have statements for your Fall 2020 closet. Keep scrolling to get your inspiration to shop before you miss it!



Novelty sweaters from the runway
Novelty sweaters from chanel, self portrait, chanel and Zimmerman. Collage courtesy of Vy Tran.

You can’t have a complete fall wardrobe without at least one cozy sweater. But if you’re thinking in your head “don’t I already have enough sweaters?” Let me be the Tan France in your life to say—no!!! Not every sweater is made equal, especially the knitwear trends this fall. This fall, the trend is twisted towards intricate details like ruffles, plaid, or bows rather than the plain style. Seasons ago, they were all over runway dresses and blouses, but designers are now adding these beautiful elements on sweaters as well. With such lovely motifs, we highly recommend upgrading the classic sweater.


Tailored Collars

Tailored collar trend from the runway
Tailored collars from Gabriela Hearst, Lacoste, Self Portrait, and Chanel. Collage courtesy of Vy Tran.

Have you ever paid close attention to how the collar of your outerwear is? If not, you totally should from now on. Fashion designers have been and still are sending the message to inspire customers to run the world with confidence. Outerwear with a perfectly tailored collar is traditionally a common staple in the affluent’s wardrobe, due to complex patterning and tailoring.


In the age of self-empowerment, a tailored coat can deliver the energy that not many other items can. Back then, only the most talented designers could perfect this sewing technique, since it requires lots of time, effort, and knowledge to master the skill. Furthermore, the excellent fabric is another important factor, which can decide the final answer to the exquisite detail. But with the rise of worldwide fashion education and technology today, the process has become much easier, and the products are more accessible to a wider range of fashion lovers as well. With such sophisticated tailored detail, it is great for both business purposes and casual night outs. 


Head to Toe Knits

various knit outfits from designer runways
Knit looks from Alice + Olivia, Jil Sander, Christopher Kane, Carolina Herrera, and Bottega Veneta. Collage courtesy of Vy Tran.

So soft, so breathable, and so feminine. This trend is similar to the pajama trend last year, but the knit-everything look has way more coverage, which is suitable for many occasions. These pieces are the upgraded versions of our ordinary leisurewear at home. Especially during the pandemic, comfort is our highest priority. Wearing knits from head to toe will also feature  your curves, and might even boost your mood immediately.


Midi Skirts

various midi skirt trend from designer runways
Midi Skirts from Lacoste, Isabel Marant, Gabriela Hearst, and Christopher Kane. Collage courtesy of Vy Tran.

The midi skirt: A must-have item for a girl who loves elegant style! It is so versatile and extremely polished. A midi skirt can go well with almost all types of tops, from a poplin shirt, or blouse to a knitted top, and even sweatshirt. You can easily layer it with a blazer or a thin coat to cover the breezy autumn air. And because of its length, a midi skirt allows you to move freely to join all the fun activities. 



Various leather looks from designer runways
Leather looks from Gabriela Hearst, Chanel, Versace and Self Portrait
Collage courtesy of Vy Tran.

This year is all about variety. A leather jacket is not the only common leather item you’ll be seeing this season. Fall 2020 is the perfect time to consider getting a leather dress, pants, or top. Leather statements will elevate your look and more importantly, they are always so warm for the cold weather.


Cozy Pop Shades

Pops of color on the runway
Pops of color in looks from Chanel, Tom Ford, Gucci, and Nguyen Cong Tri. Collage courtesy of Vy Tran.

The color blocking trend is back! According to Pantone, Fuchsia Pink, Amberglow Orange, and Magenta Purple are some of the highlights on the Fall and Winter 2020 palette and expected to splash into 2021. They are so charming and vivid. These colors will literally brighten your day up/ When you don’t feel like doing anything, or even getting bored of endless Zoom meetings, having one of these colors in your wardrobe is not just a personal mood booster, but it can make you look more attractive too. They are too chic and unique to be ignored.

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