Muses and Music

An ode to music and fashion alike.

Music and fashion often go hand in hand. Even now, it’s easy to see that the streets are filled with sock boots and distressed shirts inspired by Kanye or funky colorful glasses as seen on Migos. People are inspired by their favorite artists. And this isn’t a new thing, either. The relationship between music and fashion has been present for decades.

During the ’60s, there was a rise in Motown blues, surfer rock, and roots rock (a mix of folk, blues, country, and rock ’n’ roll). This emergence of liberating music came with the rise of styles such as bell-bottom pants, mini skirts, and the iconic go-go boots. Music broke barriers and women weren’t afraid to take risks.

The ’70s kept the idea of liberation “stayin’ alive” in their continuation of the styles of music and clothing seen in the ’60s, except now the previous trends were amplified thanks to Woodstock. Disco was a popular genre that was introduced and funk became increasingly popular. Fashion runways were overrun by tie-dyes, shearling, and Western-influenced pieces.

Perhaps one of the decades most memorable for its clothing was the ’80s. Classic rock and pop music had its heyday while bright neons, fanny packs, and athleisure were adopted by the masses, as was permed hair that was, quite literally, “livin’ on a prayer.” This was also the beginning of MTV, a way of listening to music that influenced music (and fashion) from then on.

The ’90s were ruled by grunge and hip-hop music, which caused clothing styles like flannel shirts, ripped baggy jeans, and layered chains to become popular. Not to mention, anyone who accessorized with a choker was an automatic ‘all star.’

Everyone was “crazy in love” with the early 2000s butterfly clips, low-rise jeans, and spiked tips. Rap and teen pop blew the charts and redefined the new century.

Fashion is more than fabric sewed to make a piece of clothing; it’s the feeling that comes with wearing that piece. For example, wearing a leather jacket might make you feel like a badass, just like listening to rock music might create the same sensation. Fashion is influenced by music because it strives to create the same feeling within people that music creates, just in a different art form. It strives to create an unforgettable picture in your mind, even if that unforgettable picture is mullets and muscle tanks.

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