Mood: Motivational Yellow

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For this week’s mood board, I chose to center the theme around the color yellow. When selecting my outfit for the day, I always ask myself, what is my power color this month? Although this question may appear trivial and frivolous, I have noticed that the concept of color has a greater impact on my mood and productivity than I would have originally thought. Last season, my self-declared power color was red; the bold color made me feel energized, powerful and confident. When the weather transitioned into spring, I realized that I would need a new color to identify with, and that color was yellow. Amid a time of countless final projects and exams, I wanted to create a mood board that reflected positivity and motivation. Whenever I wear the color yellow, I am instantly more happy, inspired, and excited for the day ahead. Hopefully this mood board provides you with all of the inspiration and excitement for the spring and summer season ahead, despite the stress of finals!

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