Milan Street Style Knows The Power of a Good Suit

Milan fashion week street style paid homage to the power suit, awakening us with bright pops of color.


Milan street style may have been the highlight of fashion month. The streets were full of colorful power suits, exaggerated shoulders, floral prints, neon, and extremely flared pants. 


The power suit has been a symbol of feminism for decades now, and in the era of the “Me Too” movement, it’s more relevant than ever.


Milan girls weren’t afraid of hot pinks, neon greens, and intense blues. They showed up with it all, and at that, all of it together. No color, no print, and no combination was too much.


After this grey winter, isn’t that all we need? 


Milan is the perfect inspo we New Yorkers need to sway away from all black in these cold winter months. Make winter a little brighter; be the colorful flower that the damp New York weather covered in mud, be the bright, blue, sunny sky, and be the budding Central Park grass. In short: Think spring!


Whenever a lousy, rainy New York workday hits you, you are just going to throw on your bright power suit, and everything and everyone will be blown away. I promise you, let the suit work its magic.


A 70’s inspired pattern combined with a Prada bag is a nostalgic combo for the decades.


We all need a little beach (and a shellprint seems to be a good substitute) in winter, combined with some red gloves and oversized sunglasses; we can feel her power.


This bright blue dream blows all our grey winter clouds away.


Despite our color obsession this season, we couldn’t help but look at this vanilla ice cream combo.


When broad shoulders and casual loose fit pants meet bows and ballet slippers; who said you can’t be both? This green-blue pastel combo proves you can.


A nice change after all this oversized; Milan streetwear showing us the shrunken suit has much more fashion potential than expected.


And once more the light blue suit strikes its pose. We are especially in love with the way the sandals and pants are worn together.


Not a pant suit, but a bomb skirt suit ensemble; an energy-sparking couple.


This look does not only look fire but also incredibly comfy. The Brikenstock, loose fit and sequin combination makes it the perfect look for EVERY occasion. PS: not to forget her girlboss sunglasses.


Her metallic interpretation of the blue trend makes us consider unpacking our last new years eve outfit and wear it on an everyday basis this spring.


Whether it’s oversized, shrunken, metallic, embellished, exaggerated or in bright colors, long story short… we’ll fall in love with each and every sassy, suit-y streetwear look there is to offer.