Men & Makeup

The beauty industry has drastically transformed over the last few years. Many brands are
adhering to new social trends, one being the extreme rise in male makeup artists. The hottest makeup brands want to become more inclusive and expand their consumer base, by using males as the face of their brands. Most of these males are online beauty influencers. Men in makeup is not new, however it is more accepted and popular today, especially on social media. Instagram and YouTube have created a “voice” for men who wear makeup, allowing them to prove to the world that their expertise is valued by their millions of online followers. One of the most famous female ambassador brands, CoverGirl, had 17-year-old, YouTube and social media star, James Charles, be their first male 2016 “Cover Boy” ambassador. They started the trend of brands using male online beauty influencers, as the face of their brand.

CoverGirl: James Charles

 Due to the high number of male beauty influencers, and their tremendous fanbase, CoverGirl chose to take the step to have their
first “Cover Boy”. At the time, James Charles had 800,000 followers on Instagram, and about 75,000 subscribers on YouTube. CoverGirl
using James Charles as their 2016 ambassador has helped them manage to appeal to a larger group of people, and also functions on a more broad and expansive business model. It also grew James’s fan base, gaining him over 7 million subscribers on YouTube.

Maybelline: Manny Guiterrez

In 2017 Maybelline named its first male ambassador, social media star and Youtuber, Manny Gutierrez. At the time he had about 2 million subscribers; he now has almost 5 million. In a statement, he said he was “thrilled to be able to work with a global brand like Maybelline that is recognizing male influencer talent and is willing to shine a spotlight on





MAC announced another social media star and Youtuber, Patrick Starr, as their first male
brand ambassador. L’Oréal named their first male diplomat in the U.S., Darnell Bernard, who appeared in a L’Oréal commercial alongside other diverse models. Gabriel Zamora was IPSY’S first male ambassador as well. Other makeup brands who participated in the trend of having male makeup artist as the face of their brand include Anastasia Beverly Hills, Black Opal, Rimmel London, Benefit, etc.

MAC: Patrick Starr

L’Oreal: Darnell Bernard

IPSY: Gabriel Zamora


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