Meet Silver Cup: FIT Student’s Family Band – Their New Single, ‘You’ is Out Now, With New Music on The Way

Immerse yourself in an eclectic, experiential wonderland with FIT student and creative Hadley Nelson’s emerging “indie pop” home-grown band. Catch their newest single “You,” a sweet romantic number and “I’m Fine” set to release next Fridaythey may just be your new favorite songs.


Campbell, Hadley, and Logan Nelson (left to right). Photo by Myra Bashir
Campbell, Hadley, and Logan Nelson (left to right) | Photo by Myra Bashir


The Utah-based family-band is already making waves and is “simply in pursuit of making good music.” The group brings something new to the table, serving up the perfect synthesis of their individual and creative talents to their listeners. The power-house Nelson-trio looks to keep crafting organic, genre-bending musicone gem at a time. 


The Band

The nature of creating can become overwhelming and stressfulsentiments you generally don’t want associated with your passion. This realization spurred the emergence of undoubtedly the coolest family band, Silver Cup, composed of siblings Hadley, Campbell, and Logan Nelson. The Utah-based trio formed this fall and released their first song “Sabbath” in early November, the at-home operation translating refreshingly-real charm, oozing with talent.


Naturally, Nelson’s band pays homage to family: full-time FIT student records music and films the group’s videos on her trips home to Salt Lake. The band is named after the fish food company founded by the siblings’ great grandfather, and Hadley Nelson rightfully describes Silver Cup as “the cool kid version of your classic family band.”


The word “dynamic” is Silver Cup in a nutshellsynonymous with boundary-breaking, the band approaches music with honest authenticity. Their strong family-unit and musical childhood translates into their eclectic, unique, and subtly put, brilliant sound that’s multi-layered just like the well-rounded trio. 


Silver Cup members: (left to right) Logan, Hadley, and Campbell Nelson | Photo courtesy of Silver Cup
Silver Cup members: (left to right) Logan, Hadley, and Campbell Nelson | Photo courtesy of Silver Cup


The Music   

Silver Cup’s latest song “You,” released February 21st, has a warm, vintage feel: FIT student Hadley Nelson’s brothers and band members Logan and Campbell shared on the band’s Instagram a shot of them “digging” for the cheapest old records to sample for their music. (They even teased that their track uses a sample from “an old TV on the radio series”anyone who can guess first can win $50! Check it out, enjoy some eclectic, effortlessly cool music and you may just win some cash.)


The band’s first-ever song entitled “Sabbath,” released November 3rd, channels harmonious incongruity. Uncovering the facade of pristine suburbia, Silver Cup navigates the complexities of the love-hate relationships we have with the places we grew up in. Hadley Nelson and her brothers push the metaphorical confines of small-town Holladay, Utah in “Sabbath”referencing and even challenging the bubble-esque community and its norms that demand perfection and provoke toxicity. “Sabbath” channels the very essence of duality with different verses that capture wavering sentiments with a dark undertone, distant from the idyllic, archetypical suburbia. The song rather nods to that infamous home-town culture with quintessentially-suburban lyrics like “I hate the way they keep their yard.”


Similarly, their song “Night Games” is described by the band members as, “a manifesto to vulnerability.” The music video set at a school dance encapsulates the heightened, nervous tension and excitement upon confronting emotion. Directed by band-member Logan, the videos for both songs are captivating, cinematically beautiful and heart-warmingly melancholic.

Silver Cup’s “I’m Fine” is set to release this Friday, and singer Hadley Nelson describes their fourth single as “a battle within the subconscious about [one’s] precariously staggering mental state of happiness or identity in life.” The song explores grappling with these sentiments via emotional escapism, and the cliche notions and artificiality of being “fine.” An intentionally sarcastic tone plays on these complexities, the meaningfully-abstract piece creating yet another narrative on raw emotion for you to unravel.


“We hope to create music that is current and enjoyable to any passing person on the street, but with a twist that makes it individual and unique from what has been heard before” – Hadley Nelson


Pictured: Hadley Nelson | Photo courtesy of Silver Cup
Pictured: Hadley Nelson | Photo courtesy of Silver Cup


Influence & Inspirations

The formation of these young creatives on the rise was inevitable. Brought up listening to primarily alternative rock music, and playing instruments from the classical violin to the electric bass, Silver Cup’s approach to their music is grounded in eclecticism. In juxtaposition with the artificial, manufactured music that seems to dominate the mainstream charts, Silver Cup grew out of the pure desire for something real and natural. 


Labelled “indie-pop” for classification purposes, Silver Cup’s music artfully encapsulates elements spanning genres among hip-hop, alternative, 90’s and R&B. Silver Cup crafts their sound sampling and manipulating various audio from old records—even a sermon. The result is an unmistakably fresh sound with a nostalgic flare. Layered with Hadley and Logan’s smooth vocals, the melancholic groove is transportive in nature, lending to a soft, mellow quality and state of mind.


The music that explores raw, human emotionreflective of the trio’s real lives, personalities, and interpersonal interactions—is written, recorded, mixed, and produced by none other than Silver Cup. The group’s songs tackle topics that are close to home, simultaneously delving into deeper, existential themes. Stay tuned for their fourth single “I’m Fine” next Friday!


Keep up with the band on social media, and stay tuned for new music!

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