M.I.A Collab with H&M for Recycle Week

By Yerellys Michel

Lately H&M has been really pushing the envelope when it comes to sustainability and fashion. Once they could be considered part of the problem, but I think it’s safe to say that they are making efforts to be part of the solution when it come to the environmental effects of fast fashion. They recently launched the Conscious Exclusive 2016 collection, which was a combination of fashion forward environmentally friendly. H&M has always had a clothing recycling bin next to the cashier, where customers will bring in their old clothes and they will receive a discount (15%) on their next purchase. But, specifically for World Recycle Week they have bumped that 15% up to 30%.

To get people talking even more, they have released a collaboration with M.I.A. M.I.A has been M.I.A for a while after the birth of her son. She’s all about social causes, including her song and video for Borders, so this collab was right up her alley.  This not only sends the right message to her followers, but can also help launch her career once again. M.I.A is known for her eclectic style and fashion choices, which seen throughout the video.

When H&M came up with this concept for World Recycle Week, they thought about having someone that could carry the message, someone with personal style, integrity, social awareness, and M.I.A was just that. M.I.A admits to reusing her clothes.She mentioned that some of items that she wore in the video were all pieces of clothing that she had already worn in other videos, except for her top that was from H&M. She adds on by saying that she has always recycled clothes, “My mom is a seamstress, so I think I always respected clothes,” M.I.A wrote the song “Rewear It”, written exclusively for this campaign. Choreographer Aaron Sillis helped her interpret the song lyrics into body movement for the video.


The notion behind the video was about how people all around the world are different yet we all have one thing in common which is living on this planet. H&M’s marketing and head of the creative department, Erik Zetterberg, says that H&M wanted this video to start a notion of global movement, the movement of recycling clothes. This is one of H&M’s biggest projects so far. They want to entice a change within the customer and the fast fashion industry. Hopefully this video is the can inspire and inform people. This could be the first step in beginning a new movement/journey, giving clothing a second life with H&M.

H&M has already sent out newsletter to all of their subscribers, which gives them a behind the scenes look into the creating of the “Rewear It” video and provides an additional videos and information on what’s to come next. The following video shows what happens after all of the garments are recycled and in within H&M domain.

World Recycle Week — What Happen’s Next?