LUSH Releases New “Mood” Bath Oils

LUSH has taken the phrase #mood to another level with its new bath oils. Created to fit your daily state of mind, the 17 oils are categorized into three moods – energized, grounded and relaxed. All made with organic shea and fair trade organic cocoa butter, each product is infused with natural oils to either recharge or unwind. What’s even better is that they’re either vegetarian or vegan, according to Teen Vogue.

Photos: Lush

The energized collection consists of “Razzle Dazzle”, “Ginger”, “Happy Thoughts”, “Delight” “Revelations”, “Magnificent”, “You’ve Been Mangoed” and “Double Vitality”. With rejuvenating ingredients from citrus to peppermint to black pepper and their playful colors, these bath oil pick-me-ups will leave your mind refreshed, skin revitalized and you ready to take on the day.

The grounded category includes “Flower’s Barrow”, “Oil On Troubled Water” and “Furze” which are all made of floral scents and moisturizing components to calm the mind and the body. Along with the soothing visuals of the oils as they run through the water, they come to the rescue when you need some clarity.

The last category, relaxed, includes “Polyamorous”, “Floating Island”, “Cloak of Invisibility”, “Dreamtime’s” and “Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment”. Made with ingredients such as vanilla, almond, coconut, rosewood, jasmine, lavender, and sandalwood, the bath oils are sure to calm the senses.

The oils can be used by themselves for a simple downtime session or can be paired with a bath bomb to take your R&R to the next level. The bath oils range from $7-12.95, according to Bustle, in LUSH store or online. What can get more better than bath fit just for you?


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