Lush Launches New Shower Bombs

The Lush Bath Bombs are a cult fav. When put under water, bath bombs disintegrate, leaving behind fragrant air, skin-smoothing ingredients and swirls of color. But, if you’re like me, you’ve lived in a house without a bath for the majority of your life or you just hate lying in a lukewarm bowl of your own filth, Lush now has a solution for you. Rejoice my fellow bath-hating friends. Lush has just announced that they are launching SHOWER BOMBS! Created by perfumer and Lush co-founder Mark Constantine, they promise to make that signature fizzy sound and create an “explosion of scent and sound; each one is meant to stimulate a reaction, so you can create a spa-like utopia right in your shower.” As for how to use them, they work slightly differently than their bath counterparts. When held in your hands under the flow of water, the shower bomb will fizz and expand into a fluffy fragrant mousse you can use to everywhere—limbs, legs, under your armpits and beyond. You can even use the lather to shave your legs. The brand-new Shower Bomb is available in four scents for $3.25 each.

  1. Sleepy

Shower bomb

The Shower Bomb version of the “Sleepy” body lotion which insomniacs swear by, contains lavender oil, ylang ylang and tonka absolute. This dreamy white bomb will help you wind down after a busy day when you need to rinse away the dirt and drama so you can sleep easy.

  1. Not Sleepy


Doing the opposite of Sleep, Not Sleep is what you want to use during your a.m. shower and cleansing ritual. This bright yellow shower bombs contains Sicilian lemon, lime, Brazilian orange, lemongrass and neroli oils to make you feel awake and ready to face whatever the day plans to throw at you.

  1. Koyaanisqatsi

This light blue Bomb boasts notes of vanilla, violet, lavender and ylang ylang and is inspired by the 1982 film of the same name. All these ingredients will relax you whenever you feel stressed.

  1. Karma

Another cult fav, Karma features Brazilian orange and pine oil and patchouli. The brightly-colored bomb with its rich woodsy scent will create confidence an accept change.

The Shower Bombs are a self-care dream. And with the holidays coming up, you can and should grab one of each scent for yourself and for all the beauty enthusiasts and product junkies on your shopping list.

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