Love on 27th: When is it time to let go?

When is it time to let go?

Honestly, this wasn’t the article I was planning to post for this week. In fact, it didn’t cross my mind to write this until now. 

I’m not one to easily let go of people. If I grow some level of attachment, it’s near impossible for me to let go. I haven’t had many long-spanning relationships, but there was one. I wouldn’t necessarily describe him as my boyfriend, but instead he was my “situationship.” 

Essentially, someone, I would go on dates with have some level of physical intimacy, but there’s no commitment. We’ve known each other over a year and a half, and recently I decided it was time for me to end things.

We would go in and out of each other’s lives. We would flirt, be romantic, and grow closer. Initially, when we met, I told him I didn’t want a relationship. However, as we got closer, my heart grew more attached. And through a series of miscommunication, he broke my heart. He didn’t want any serious commitment, and he did vocalize this to me. That doesn’t mean it hurt any less. 

Anyway, we reconnected, and I felt unattached. I didn’t want a relationship with him. I just liked his attention. However, I was planning my week, and I had a few dates lined up. One was with a gorgeous lawyer, but because my situationship and I were talking again, I decided to cancel and organize to see my former flame. 

Why? I knew in my core this guy was not the love of my life. Why waste my time? Why cancel a possibility?

I noticed I was regressing into old ideas. I was going back to old patterns of thinking, especially in terms of my self-esteem. 

I got to my senses and canceled with my situationship. 

People will come in go, and with every relationship (or something in between) you grow a little. You become more confident in who you are and what you want. For me, I want a man who is responsible, kind, fun, and respectful of me. 

Change can be incredible, especially when you embrace it.