Love on 27th Street: Time To Be The Main Character

A Note from the Director:  Love on 27th Street is a spin off of our recent column “Sex on 27th Street”. A change in writers of the column has inspired us to expand it to more than just sex, and into love and relationships between lovers, family, friends, etc. Alice Sungurov is our new column writer for Love of 27th Street. Alice will be writing to you on Saturday mornings. 

She walks into the room, and immediately all eyes are on her. No doubt, she is beautiful, but what makes her truly alluring is her presence. In her eyes, you see what you want to be; the main character. She smiles, not as a calculated move to be seen as friendly, but because she’s genuinely happy to be in the moment. She recognizes that Life loves her. She knows that even in the moments filled with pain, Life never abandons her. She manifests her desires because her desires are good and faithful to her. She sees life as a game to play with that nothing is set in stone, even her own opinions of her. 

She is You- what you can be if only you allow yourself to reach your peak potential.

You are the center of your universe.

Have you ever heard truer words? We are stuck with ourselves, our thoughts, opinions, and experiences 24/7. There is never a point where we aren’t, yet we sometimes allow ourselves not to be the main character but rather the supporting in someone else’s story.

I know it’s happened to me. Maybe it’s a self-denial thing. Like, what’s the point in treating myself as the main character? Am I even worthy?

Well, I am, and so are you.

In my life, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to meet people who truly embody “main character energy.” They manifest what they want when they want. They feel the world is within them, and they can create whatever it is they desire.

I’ve asked these main characters what their secret is; the same thing was always said, “When you recognize how precious you are and take responsibility for that preciousness, you become more brave and willing to take hold of what it is you need to succeed.” Now I’m paraphrasing, but I hope you get the idea.

Life isn’t fair to most, and sometimes it’s seen as cruel. However, everything we experience is needing to be a moment of learning. We grow and expand with each experience’s understanding.

To be the main character, you don’t need to be more beautiful than another, smarter, or more charismatic. You need to care for yourself with a precious love and look at Life as a game to play with, a game where you enjoy YOU.

Original photo by Annie Burcea and Artemis Siskos
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