The Science Behind Layering: Three Ways to Layer for Fall

It’s time to trade in fun summer dresses and platform sandals for funky statement jackets and colorful sweaters. As the temperature drops day-by-day, our layering increases exponentially. Fall is the season to bust out everything you have in your closet and wear it all in one outfit. That lavender turtleneck you haven’t worn in years, paired with your Mom’s orange peacoat from the 80’s? Yes please—this fall, it’s all about nostalgia, mismatching colors and patterns, and of course layering. 

Now, you may be looking at your jam-packed closet (especially if you live in NYC, where full-fledged wardrobes are compressed into shoeboxes) wondering what you’re going to pair what with what. It just depends how funky you want to get! There is a science behind layering. Explore our favorite ways to layer this fall, plus see how Instagram “it” girls are doing it too.

  1. Layering with Vests

Puffer vests, sweater vests, jean and leather vests; they all have a place in my heart, and also in my closet. There are so many ways to style vests; I think that’s why I adore this article of clothing so much…  And also how I personally justify my (excessive) in-vest-ments for this season. Throw on a colorful puffer vest over a cozy sweater, or wear a soft sweater vest over a turtleneck, and you have yourself a look immediately!

2. Layering Dresses and Pants Together

Actually, scratch what I said in the beginning of this article, don’t put away your summer dresses this season. This weird yet satisfying trend will allow you to utilize your summer dresses that you usually neglect during the cold months. 

If you’re wary of this trend because you will look like your “drowning” in your clothes (at least that’s my problem) throw on a platform shoe, it really helps!

3. Layering with Turtlenecks

Red, purple, yellow, polk-a-dot; I have a turtleneck for about every color in the rainbow. It’s my personal favorite way to stay warm in the cold months of NYC without looking like a marshmallow. Also, it’s super fun to mismatch colors and throw on a bright colored turtleneck with a fun sweater!