Landing Your Dream Summer Internship: A Guide

By Concetta Ciarlo

One of the benefits of going to college in New York City are the limitless opportunities at your fingertips. Despite those opportunities, it’s challenging to find a way to make yourself stand out from the other 594,000 students throughout the city when applying for internships.

Jump Off of the Page

An eye-catching resume can go a long way in making yourself stand apart from the crowd. Applicants are just another name on a piece of paper before making a one on one connection in an interview setting.

Treat your resume like your carefully crafted Instagram feed aesthetic and get creative. Format a two column style, to keep all of your information streamline and easy to read. If you aren’t handy with Adobe illustrator and photoshop, purchase templates online from graphic designers.

Polish up Your LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn as an online resource for potential jobs and internships. If anything, it will serve as an online version of your resume and help employers put a face to a name when researching applicants. Be sure to use a forward facing, professional portrait for the profile picture– not a photo with your friends cropped out!

Network: Then Network Some More

Use Social Media as another tool in your professional arsenal. Reach out to people at your dream jobs, and ask to grab a coffee with them and learn more about their stories. Making meaningful connections is important in not getting lost in the sea of applicants.

Ask Around

Professor and friends may be another untapped resource that you’ve overlooked. Ask professors if they know of any companies in your field of interest seeking interns. Do you have any friends who currently have cool internships? If so, ask them to please keep you in mind if any positions become available.

Why You: Know Your “Special Factor”

Take it from Rachael Bozsik, CEO and Founder of The Brand Girls, a consulting service that help young women network with confidence and launch them towards their dream career. When asked what’s the key to landing your dream internship, Rachael said “You must truly know the answer to the question: Why you — Beyond “I’m creative, I’m organized, and I recently interned at ___”

An interview is the make or break moment. Preparation is crucial to success. It’s just as important to be knowledgeable about yourself as it is to be about the company where you’re interviewing.

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