Lancôme Brings Back a Juicy Flavored Lip Gloss

By Gina Gargiulo

tumblr_inline_o43nxywffH1sqqdmb_500Hoarding Lip Smackers because of their delicious flavors was a stage every girl went through in their childhood. Growing older now, we still want the fun and excitement that lip balms can give us. Previously in 2000, Lancôme released a limited-edition set of Juicy Tubes for $19. After a huge success, the brand is set to launch its next generation of flavored lip gloss – the Juicy Shaker.

The Juicy Shaker uses the same vibrant oil treatments that were inspired by the classic Juicy Tubes. The product’s design even dates back further to one of the brand’s products from 1946 – The Shaker. The Shaker was a lipstick that featured a martini-shaker-shaped silhouette, matching the time period when cocktails were in style. You’ll see that this same shape is in the packaging of their new product. When you first open the box, you’ll notice that the color has settled to the bottom of the bottle – letting the nourishing blend of apricot, cranberry, peach, almond, and rose de muscat oils rise to the top. Therefore you must shake your cosmetic cocktail before application, hearing the familiar sound of a martini shaker yourself.

tumblr_inline_o43nz2grQ41sqqdmb_500The Juicy Shaker is unique in many ways, including its bi-phase formula. Both pigments and caring oils are infused together, creating a wide variety of flavors and shades – 20 to be exact. That way, everyone can find a colorful taste that’s bright, clear, or sheer, without the sticky feeling. With a soft cushion applicator, dabbing a tint to your lips never felt more gentle and comforting.

It’s time to feel like a kid again and perk those delicious lips this spring season! The Juicy Shaker will go on sale for $21 exclusively at, starting March 27th.

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