Lana Del Rey Releases Dreamy New Single “Love”

By Ryann Casey

This past week Lana Del Rey plastered posters through the streets of LA that foreshadowed new music to come, ultimately leading to the release of her new single “Love” and an accompanying cinematic music video.

The song and video are a perfect next step in Lana’s trail of dreamy albums that center around love, romance and sadness that seem to marry emotions of the real world to illusions of Lana’s dream world. Each album, song, and video maintain the mysterious aura of the artist that have captivated her cult like following since the release of “Born to Die” in 2012.

Her songs have been featured in films such as The Great Gatsby, Maleficent and Big Eyes, as well as her own mini films/music videos Ride, Tropico, and Freak. The video for “Love” is a perfect installation in Lana’s cinematic sequence. Her fans are constantly watching her every move in anticipation of what’s next to come from the great artistic mind of Lana.

The Lana Del Rey cult following is uniquely intense because there is such a magical and mysterious art that transcends her songs and creates an destination dream world similar to the escape of movies. Her albums are sprinkled with references to old movies, music and American pop culture icons.  Her inspiration is pulled from decades past in particularly the 1950’s and 1960’s. In “Love” she even references the Beach Boys with the line “Don’t worry Baby.”

Lana’s sphere of influence is present in “Love,” a marriage of 1960’s space age optimism and the current depressing realities of modern times. The space age imagery of “Love” is timely with NASA’s finding of 7 Earth sized planets, and the romantic space get away is a vacation from the mundane reality of life on earth. Youth and love are the powerful combination that brings light and hope to the future. Essentially, in Lana’s world if you’re “young and in love” it doesn’t matter if the world is ending.

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