Lacoste Unveils Team France’s Olympic Uniforms

With the 2018 Winter Olympics only three months away, many countries have begun to unveil their teams’ uniforms for the big event in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Recently, Lacoste revealed Team France’s getup at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris. This is the third year that the brand, under Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista, has created the Olympic uniforms.

This time around, Lacoste created a collection that reflects classic French style through sporty functionality. Featuring the iconic crocodile logo in a patriotic blue, white and red, the outfits displayed on mannequins were toned down both in color and silhouette.

There were traditional white polo shirts that had a subtle red detail on the sleeves and France’s Olympic rooster logo. Equally pristine sneakers displayed a stylish casualness, while the white hoodies also had more subtle nods to the French flag, such as a navy-and-red band around the arm and an interior of the hood in a matching navy.

The pants were either cropped or cuffed to a length that was slightly above the ankle, giving them a crisp and comfortable appearance.

A standout piece was the unisex navy collared jacket, which featured a subtle band of blue, white and red along the zipper line. If not for the Olympic logos, many of these pieces could be part of an everyday classic French wardrobe.

When it comes to Olympic uniforms, having a balance between displaying pride in a stylish yet still functional way is key, which is why we often see collaborations with brands who know the sport. Notably, Team USA worked with Burton for some space age-inspired snowboard gear, while Nike is creating both Team USA’s and Team Canada’s hockey jerseys.

There’s also an extensive list of designers who have stepped up to create Olympic attire for their countries. Stella McCartney, who has also collaborated with Adidas, has designed Team Great Britain’s uniforms for several seasons.

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