LA Splash’s Classic Horror Lipsticks Will Make You SHRIEK

This is not a trick! This is simply the greatest treat yet!

LA Splash has brought our beloved-horror giants back to life. Literally! LA Splash cosmetics recently released their Classic Horror Lipstick line with 8 new shades that you will want to sink your teeth into.

The 8 new shades are based on our favorite classic horror icons with a twist; they are all female versions of the original classics. The colors consist of Mummy, Phantom, Frankie, Drac, Creature, Werewolf, Ms. Hyde, and Ms. Invisible.

Not only does this line have thrilling shades, they also have the spookiest packaging to die for. Each color lipstick has a design relating to it’s name. It’s the perfect set of ultra matte lipsticks to have for this Halloween and those classic horror fanatics.

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