Kylie Goes Plastic for Paper

By Yerellys Michel

Back in 2014 Kim Kardashian graced the cover of paper magazine, when she broke the internet with her naked interpretation of Saartjie. But now it’s Kylie’s turn. It was a matter of time until Kylie had her own shot at the controversial magazine and I must say she did deliver. For me it falls short of Kim’s cover, yet it’s  still a great success.

Kylie quickly went to Instagram to post images from her shoot with photographer Erik Madigan and styled by Rushka Bergman, which hit newsstands on April 12. She quickly shut down speculations before her haters got a chance to attack her by saying, “yes my eyes and lips were edited to look bigger.”

Kylie has received some criticism from her fans about the editorial. They all hoped that she would do a shoot where her features were not enhanced. Some even said that she looked creepy and that they weren’t into the whole plastic Barbie doll look. I do think that it is ironic that the name of this particular cover is “Youth.” By them trying to make Kylie look like a cartoon figure, they just made her look mature and bizarre. Maybe they are trying to play off they fact that there is so much speculation that she has gotten her butt and boobs done in addition to her lip fillers, they figured out how to nip all these accusations in an sarcastic way. Or maybe it’s an exaggeration on the youth’s obsession perfect looks.

Paper says: “Our concept for this issue was “Youth” and we took inspiration from all things neon so we enlisted colorful personalities such as stylist Rushka Bergman and photographer Erik Madigan Heck to do something incredibly young, fun and bright. We had these crazy plastic wigs that were helmet-like paired with an ultra-bright wardrobe. Kylie looked so cartoon that we thought it would be amazing to exaggerate and blur the lines of what’s real and fake. Or just over drawn!” They definitely obscured the lines between reality and falseness – that’s for sure.


This isn’t the first time that the 18-year- old socialite and beauty mogul has been a part of a controversial shoot before. Last year when she was on the cover of Interview and did a whole editorial shoot of her in a wheelchair. She received way more backlash for this shoot then in the Paper shoot.  But, when it comes to being a Kardashian or Jenner the more speculation, backlash and drama the better. Their whole career depends on it, so if they don’t do something that gets us talking, they could become irrelevant.


It seems appropriate, since Kylie Jenner is such a big star on social media and she does represent a lot of youth culture, that the cover will resemble an Instagram post. I’m surprised that Paper didn’t give themselves more likes, as they did create the image.

Paper then  asked the fans what they wanted to know, so people started DM their questions and this is what Kylie had to say:


That the biggest misconception that people have of her is that she is fake, that she has fully reconstructed her face and body at the age of 16/17 and that she only cares about materialistic things. She dreams that one day she can just go somewhere and be off the radar where no one will every recognize her. This seems unlikely, as once someone gets a taste of the fame it’s hard to go back especially someone who was raised in it.

She was asked if she had to pick one sister to spend 24 hours with it would be Kim, just for the fact that she will try on all her clothes (yet she says that she isn’t materialistic). She wishes that she has as really successful cosmetic line, which already is. She also wants a big family and a farm. She wants to have her kids before she is 30.

Kylie states:  “Growing up and being a young teen socialite comes with a lot of negativity and a lot of mean comments and online bullying and I turn to these people who have real issues and have overcome bullying and done something amazing with it and they really inspire me. They make me feel like, Oh wow, they’re going through something much bigger than I could ever imagine. It’s just amazing how they stay positive and I wanted to share that with my fans and followers.”

This issue of Paper focuses on rising social media and internet stars. such as Tinashe, Noah Cyrus, Maddie Ziegler, Bebe Rexha and Cardi B. It features all “the cool kids we all follow on Instagram,” Inside the mag we get to a closer glimpse of Kylie squad. We all wonder at this point who does Kylie Jenner surrounded herself with. Wonder no more, know you’ll know what it takes to be part of Kylie Jenner’s crew.

Harry Hudson   @Harryhudson

A New Jersey born, LA raised singer who wants to inspire you, on the verge of being discovered he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He used this as a vehicle to broadcast his uprising battle with cancer to inspire others. Finally last year at the age of 21 he was cancer free and released an album called The Treatment which consist of vibey pop songs that contain lyrics about what he was going through, while he was battling cancer. He is recording new music and is super excited for people to hear it. He says that he’s finally coming out of the darkness and into the light.

Justine Skye   @Justine Skye

Known as The Purple Unicorn, who was discovered through Tumblr,  she was born and raised in Brooklyn and has recently moved out to LA. The 20 year old says that she is super focused and is constantly grinding and in the studio writing new hits. She has recorded a duet in the past with Tyga She also collaborated with DJ Mustard and Vice Mensa. She has been compared to Rihanna vocally and stylistically. She has Two Ep’s, which includes Emotionally Unavailable.

Jordyn Woods   @Jordynwoods

Recently signed to Wilhelmina models, as a curvy model, she wants to protect body positivity for women of a fuller figure. “I feel like the term ‘plus size’ is eventually going to fade,” she says. “[Modeling] now is more about the message you can portray to the camera.”  Jordyn and Kylie have befriends for 7 years straight and Kylie even bought her a car for her 18 birthday.

Anastasia Karanikolaou   @stassiebaby

Known as Stassi, is 18 years old and is a native to Californian. She is one of Kylie’s oldest friends and is also Kylie’s current roommate. “If we don’t post a photo together for a week, everyone thinks there’s some sort of drama,” she explains. “But in reality, she’s like my sister, and I don’t think that will ever change.” Stassi’s next move? “YouTube channel.”

Paper Mag held a Pre-Coachella party to launch Kylie’s Paper cover in Parker Palm Springs. Kylie had her own mini Coachella festival called Ky-Chella, in her backyard. The lineup included her friends, Justine Skye, who sang her brand new song Just Another Love Song and Harry Hudson made his musical debut alongside Jaden Smith. Also sets from Djs Simihaze and Jonah Levine.