Kim K’s Kimoji Heart Fragrances, Launched and Sold Out

Kim Kardashian launched her latest collection, the Kimoji Heart Fragrances on February 1st. It was all over different social media platforms of different celebrities opening their Kimoji Fragrance package. 

Three different scents were launched in this collection; “BFF”, “BAE”, and “RIDE OR DIE”. Not only were they adorable packaged, but they each have unique, sweet scents.

As described by the KKW Fragrance website, BFF has a “delicious fragrant offering playful notes of wild berries and crisp star apple.” BAE has a “sparkling opening of juicy mandarin and mouth-watery kiwi” scent. And RIDE OR DIE has a “delectable opening featuring luscious blackberry and juicy plum” type of scent.

Each fragrance was being sold for $30, but they are currently sold out. According to Glamour, Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji perfumes made $10 million in four days from the launched date.

This candy-heart styled collection is surely a nice addition to the Valentine’s Day month. And as said by Kim Kardashian, “I’m gonna send one to my lovers, my haters, to everyone I can think of, because it’s Valentine’s Day after all.”

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