Kat Von D Beauty Goes Vegan

By: Ryann Casey

KatVonDBeauty.com Launches New E-Commerce Platform (PRNewsFoto/KENDO)

While Kat Von D’s beauty line has offered some vegan products, she has finally decided to take the plunge into the vegan beauty market by reformulating all of her products to vegan standards.


Kat Von D Beauty has always been cruelty free, meaning they don’t test on animals, and when faced with possible expansion into Chinese markets Kat declined the opportunity because China still tests on animals. The money wasn’t worth it to her.


Expanding on that cruelty free foundation, Kat Von D Beauty is going 100% vegan by eliminating animal byproducts from their ingredients list such as beeswax, lanolin, and carmine, a dye made from beetles wings. Kat is confident that quality products can be made without these animal byproducts, and is comfortable throwing out anything that can’t be reformulated vegan.


The tattoo artist and former star of “LA Ink” launched her beauty line in 2008, originally as a limited time collection in Sephora that all stemmed from her search for the four most perfect red lipstick shades.


Kat wasn’t vegan at the launch of her beauty line, and admits to being ignorant in thinking that because you don’t eat lipstick it doesn’t matter if it is vegan. Growing as a woman and a vegan she came to understand that being vegan goes beyond what you eat.


In the sixth issue of Laika Magazine, a vegan lifestyle magazine, Kat Von D delves deeply into her relationship with veganism, her beauty line and experience with animal advocacy.

Kat is using her fame, popularity and the reputation for her prestigious beauty line as a platform to speak about an issue that truly bothers her; animal testing, and cruel non vegan products.


With companies like MAC still testing on animals and using non vegan ingredients, having a high end beauty line dedicated to the welfare of animals is important to anyone with a conscience and the higher level of understanding that no beauty product is worth the torture, harm, or death of an innocent creature.

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Hopefully this will pave the way for more beauty brands to make the switch to cruelty free and vegan. There’s no reason why cruelty should ever enter the equation of beauty, and with brands like Kat Von D Beauty making the change to be completely vegan, cruelty is never a thought. While the release date for this 100% vegan transition is unreleased, it gives animal and beauty lovers everywhere something to look forward to.

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