June’s Theme of the Month: DUALITY

Hi Blush Readers!

I hope that everyone’s summer break has been great so far, and that you’ve begun recovering from the stress of finals. It’s been a long school year, but you made it through- so don’t forget to congratulate yourself! Whether you’re staying in the city, traveling abroad, or going back home for the summer, I hope you take this time to relax, unwind, and appreciate how far you’ve come in reaching your goals. For me June is all about switching from busy worker-bee mode to self-care and relaxation mode.

On a slightly contradictory note, Blush Online is still in full swing! School may be out of session, but the internet runs year round, baby. So buckle up- this is a big summer for Blush. I want to introduce you to a new concept that I’ve had for a while now, and am super excited about: running monthly themes. So that means we’ll have articles, personal essays, collages, artist features, and CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS (woo !!) based on each theme (submission information can be found below).

Without further ado, June’s theme is going to be DUALITY (Yes. In all caps. For emphasis). DUALITY was born when our online creative director, Jenna, decided on a minimalist, black and white theme for our upcoming editorial, we were brainstorming titles, and she suddenly declared, “DUALITY!.” Immediately we both knew that was the name, and then, later on I realized it was the perfect concept for our very first theme of the month.


Banner by Elizabeth Donohue

Defined as, “an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts of something: a dualism,” DUALITY is all about things in twos, how they starkly differ, and ways in which they comfortably merge. This seems quite fitting, considering Blush print just released their Minimalism X Maximalism issue, a concept that easily falls within the duality range. The concept applies to everything: from science & mathematics, to fashion & culture, to political extremism. Think of the age-old tropes of good and evil, yin and yang, masculinity and femininity, and so many more. The month of June itself seems to embody duality. It’s a month of waving goodbye to school, and preparing for the summer and freedom. It’s a time to take on new responsibilities, start new jobs, end old ones, to move, and to change.

So keep your eyes out for our theme-related pieces this month. And if you’re an FIT student, WE WANT TO FEATURE YOU! I can’t emphasize that enough! Submit your articles, personal essays, collages, artist features, drawings, videos (basically anything creative) that’s inspired by DUALITY, to elizabeth_donohue1@fitnyc.edu.

With love,


Web Director