#GoGina: June Favorites from Editor Regina

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LA Retro baby! This theme has inspired me since this past Spring semester. My June Favorites seemed like the perfect chance to document it. I’m obsessed with mixing these vintage styles and silhouettes with bright colors and funky patterns from the 90’s with a bit of modern flare here and there. From music to moisturizer I’ve been soaking up all the summer feels. So without further or due let’s get into it, honey!

Tiny Glasses—For the tip of your nose.

I loved seeing celebs like Rihanna and Bella Hadid rocking these early 2000’s tiny glasses. So I tried them on… then took them off. I was not about to walk around here looking like a fly trying to “make it fashion.” So I was stuck in the “I can’t participate in this trend because my wide nose doesn’t agree with tiny glasses” funk. That was until I realized that it’s all about positioning. Once I realized they were meant for the tip of your nose and not to protect you from eye cancer— boom. I rocked those babies until Instagram had seen enough of them.

Return of the Sexy One Piece

Okay but did this trend even leave? I always associate the extremely high-wasted one-piece with the beautiful women in that one episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Will caught Ashley at a music video shoot. Needless to say, I’ve changed my career goals since I was seven-years-old but just because I no longer want to be a video vixen doesn’t mean I can’t dress like one on the beach. P.S. I was so obsessed I actually just bought the yellow LA Gear one-piece in the top right corner.

Motor Sport Attire

This is self-explanatory. Just get you some Nike, checkered vans (checkered anything for that matter), something with a vertical logo along the leg, and some racing stripes and you’re right on trend. Is it the Fenty x Puma collaboration or Fashion Nova? Well, that’s no one’s business but you and your wallet’s, okay?

Watermelon Skin

So the Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer gives me daiquiri on the beach chills and has my skin glowing to new heights. When it’s golden hour my skin is blinding to gods! I love it but with my naturally oily skin, I have to keep things under control. So to spare the gods I make sure to pack on the Evermatte Poreless Primer by Becca. This primer fills in my pores and tames the excess oil. By 3 PM this dynamic duo of moisture and oil control are golden hour ready.


Keto: a fan of “the beach gonna whatever body I give it” movement but I love my health and would have fun with an improved shape. So after two years of contemplation, I’ve started the Keto Diet… or “life change” as some call it. No carbs, no sugar but healthy proteins and fats aren’t so bad after all. Let me know in the comments if you want “A 20 Something’s Guide to Keto” article—of course, Keto friendly Starbucks will be included.


Heart Break on a Full Moon by Chris Brown has been one of my favorites for a while now. I’ve been saving this just for summer. This album is extremely long but after two months I finally got through it. I added HBOFM to my summer playlist because it sets the perfect downtown LA vibe. I just picture myself driving to this platinum album down the lit up streets of Hollywood on a summer’s night. Seeing as how my summer internship is in NYC and I’m broke none of that will happen anytime soon but a girl can dream.

My picks are by no means law but they all serve a purpose to me and make me happy to get up and go. #GoGina! So what’s been serving you this past month? Let me know in the comments below or even tag me in the bomb IG posts you’ve been inspired by in June.

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