JoJo Makes a Comeback with “Save My Soul” Video

By Bria Lloyd

A lot of us have probably been wondering, what happened to JoJo? For the longest time it seemed she was MIA and wasn’t producing any new musical content. Well, “Too Little Too Late” JoJo is back in action with her new hit single “Save My Soul”.


Screenshot of Save My Soul by Jojo on Spotify

The music video, produced by Zelda Williams, proves that in fact JoJo is not too late and maybe her break from music is just what she needed. She’s back and better than ever. This new video is edgy, emotion filled, and raw. It’s takes place with JoJo singing her powerful lyrics in a desert while wearing an outfit with edge. She’s sporting a bralette with a trench and several gorgeous rings. Her eye makeup is dark adding more edge while making her eyes pop. The video switches from JoJo singing in the desert to various people on a vintage, mustard color leather couch. At first the people are letting out their emotion through tears and then they blow off steam by smoking.

The true meaning behind the song is addiction of all kinds. With the video JoJo was trying to convey the many ways different addictions affect many people. She chose the desert because it represents a place free of judgment. Each and every person who participated in the making of the video has a personal connection to the song and was able to let that shine through. The video was filmed a month prior to loss of JoJo’s father. He battled addiction throughout his life. That alone gives the song the most powerful meaning.

JoJo is back and here to stay. Her comeback showed not only is she talented but she’s serious and ready to attack and take on this New Year. Fans can’t wait to see what JoJo has coming for us.

“LIVE – not just be alive, but THRIVE in his honor. I can do this. And so can you. If you’re struggling, believe the only way OUT is THROUGH. Keep going.” – JoJo