J.Crew x Universal Standard Roll Out “Diversified Sizing”

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I’ve been working at J.Crew for about six months now. Throughout this time, I’ve seen firsthand the limitations of the J.Crew plus size selection, and the effect it has on customers. In a recent conversation with a fellow coworker, she recounted her own personal distress with J.Crew’s sizing. Although they began using plus-size models on their website a bit ago, my coworker often found that when she ordered the same items, the comfortably-worn clothing in the online photos didn’t fit nearly as well on her.

Luckily, J.Crew announced Tuesday that it will finally take the leap into true plus-size inclusivity. They will partner with Universal Standard to create a capsule collection specifically dedicated to erasing the line between plus and straight-size clothing.


What differentiates this collection from the other plus-size collections or size extensions in similar brands, is that by partnering with Universal Standard, J.Crew is placing utmost attention on the technical design of the clothing.

Many brands, when developing plus size ranges, ignore the differences in construction that is required to make the clothes fit every body type in an equally flattering way – something which is incredibly important when considering the tailored fit that J.Crew is known for.

The new range will feature sizes up to 5x. It will be available online as well as in 12 stores across New York, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, Minnesota, and Washington DC. Currently J.Crew offers up to a size 24 online… But by only offering these extended sizes online, they are ignoring the fact that plus-size women are real people who want to see, feel, and try clothes on, just like other straight-size women.

Hopefully with time, this J.Crew plus size collaboration will extend to more than just 12 stores, giving plus size women across the country the chance to shop like every woman should be able to.

Want a peak at the collection? Check out the gallery above or view the full collection at https://www.jcrew.com/c/womens_feature/UniversalStandardxJCrew



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