More Than an Undergarment: Styling Heattech

It’s that time where we make our Uniqlo rounds to stock up on one of the only things that will help us survive winter: Heattech. Sure, mittens, scarves, and pom pom beanies can keep us warm but the brand’s insulating innerwear has some magical powers when it comes to keeping the heat in.

So what exactly is Heattech? Hint — it gets scientific. According to Uniqlo’s website, Heattech products are made of rayon fiber which has the ability to change body moisture into heat. At the same time, fine microfibers are working to keep the warmth in and the additional fibers get rid of excess heat to keep the body dry. These elements come together to create lightweight clothing suitable for cold weather.

Uniqlo offers three types of Heattech that differ in warmth and weight — the Heattech, Extra Warm Heattech, and Ultra Warm Heattech.

If the technology isn’t enough to impress, the simple designs and neutral color palettes make it easy to incorporate them into everyday wear. Not to mention, the new Uniqlo x Alexander Wang Heattech collaboration introduces new cuts to the clothing line.

So, whether you’re new to Heattech or looking for a style challenge with the pieces you already own, here’s how you can style what is typically known as “innerwear” to be the focal point of your outfit.


Heattech turtleneck

Turtlenecks can do no wrong. With a simple, classic style it pairs well with any outfit, and the roll neck helps protect your nose from the cold. You can go workwear inspired with an oversized blazer, slacks, and heeled booties, or vintage with a corduroy set, beret, and loafers. For a more casual feel, pair it with a trench, wide legged jeans, dad sneakers, and a bucket hat.

Fashion blogger in layered turtleneck look


Heattech leggings

Good ol’ leggings — best for workouts and lazy days, or layered under pants for warmth and chafing prevention. Since leggings can only do so much, layering them in ways in which they are still a main piece will get sartorial conscious minds working. For a street inspired look, layer Heattech leggings under oversized shorts, and pair them with a hoodie, chunky sneaker, and beanie. For a softer look, ditch the tights and wear leggings under a floral skirt or fruit patterned dress with a chunky cable knit sweater and combat boots. Incorporating these leggings the right way can either add a solid monochrome look or an unexpected color block.

The Camisole

Heattech camisole

Who knew we’d be seeing tank tops in the winter?  The camisole is great for creating a ‘90’s vibe by wearing it over a neutral long sleeve shirt. Pair it with slightly flared cheetah print jeans or a slip dress, rounded sunnies and combat boots, and you’re good to go.

Cher Horowitz in camisole over white tee

The Bodysuit

Heattech bodysuit

Newly added to Heattech with the Uniqlo x Alexander Wang collection, is an easy piece that avoids the awkward ruffles of a tucked-in shirt. For a minimal, Kardashian-esque outfit, wear the Heattech bodysuit under a sweatsuit set, a puffer jacket (for the added warmth, of course), and with heeled patent leather booties. For something more everyday, switch the heels out with chunky sneakers and the puffer with an oversized cardigan.

Kim Kardashian in layered puffer look

So if you’re looking into your closet thinking what to do with all of that Heattech, know that making them outerwear is a thing.


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