Influencer Inspiration: Abbie Bull Creates Shocking Makeup Looks that Embrace her Imperfections

As a college student who has struggled with severe acne, I can definitely say that one of the hardest parts of dealing with skin insecurities is feeling like you’re the only one going through it. When I felt at my lowest, one of my main comforts was searching acne journey youtube videos at 2 am, while curled up in my bed after hours of crying about my skin. There is nothing more comforting than knowing you have a friend by your side.

Although I was looking for bloggers who would discuss their struggles with acne, I was never able to find anybody who unapologetically spoke about their skin and the true reality of living with it. It wasn’t until about a year ago, I stumbled upon a blogger’s Youtube channel that opened my eyes to an entirely new community of skin positivity and self-love.

22-year-old Abbie Bull of Telford, England is a social media influencer who started back in January 2018 as a beauty blogger, posting eye makeup looks and tutorials that quickly caught Instagram’s attention. After gaining followers for her creative content, Abbie had posted a comparison photo of herself bare-skinned for any acne sufferers out there, completely unaware of how much her honestly would impact her platform.


“Doing it for the boys and gals that suffer with acne/skin conditions and find it hard to be comfortable in their own skin…I look completely different with and without makeup but I’ve still learnt to love myself BOTH ways. It’s so hard to see what’s real and what isn’t on here so just be yourself no matter what,” captioned Bull on her Instagram post. 

After being recognized for her honesty and self-love, Abbie was quick to turn her platform into a makeup page that focused on body and skin positivity. “I’ve always had acne-prone skin but it really came out when I turned 20, I was shocked to be heading into adulthood with acne,” said Bull. She started continuously posting before and after photos of her makeup looks, reminding followers that the finished result is only what’s seen on the outside.


“If you’re looking for a perfect Instagram feed, that’s just not mine.”

Bull’s page stands out to so many young adults since she openly speaks about her bad days and is constantly reminding her followers that the reality of her life is never perfect, just as nobody’s life is. “There were times when I would go to bed with makeup on because I couldn’t bear the thought of Shane looking at my spots,” said Bull, about her partner of five years.

“I 100% stand by being confident in your skin but I’m also human and have my bad days where I’m really depressed…we all have them.”


It can be difficult for people to understand that struggling with acne can be 90% emotional pain at times. Bull has used her platform to voice how it’s possible to overcome the emotional insecurity that no one sees. “I was genuinely so upset, but I decided to start putting myself first and stop worrying about what other people may think. I could not let acne get in the way of my day-to-day life,” explained Bull. She not only motivates individuals who struggle with skin insecurities but opens up the eyes of followers who may be unfamiliar with this topic. 

As her platforms continue to grow, Bull additionally shares the reality of being a parent from the age of 18, and her journey raising an autistic son. “Autism is very close to my heart with many family members living with it, and it is important to know that they are all so special and unique. Keep spreading autism awareness so we can grow up in a world full of acceptance and love.” 


Abbie’s advice to anyone who’s experiencing acne for the first time or has been struggling with it for a while is “to be patient and understand that treating acne isn’t an overnight job. It takes time but don’t consume yourself trying to get rid of it. Remember that your acne doesn’t define who you are. Be kind to yourself, be happy, and enjoy life.” 


You can follow her on Instagram where she shares her journey regularly and check out her Youtube channel as well. 

Instagram: @abbiebull_

Youtube: Abbie Bull

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