Influencer Inspiration – How Burn Survivor, Shalom Blac, Finds Empowerment in Makeup

Shalom Nchom, aka Shalom Blac (@shalomblac), is a 20-year-old Youtuber from Nigeria who has taken over the beauty community with her inspiring story. When she was just 9 years old, Shalom was severely burned with frying oil in an accident at her family’s store. She suffered burns on her face, neck, and head, causing her to lose her hair and recover in the hospital for over 4 months.

“Coming home wasn’t very exciting,” said Blac. “I started getting bullied by kids and they called me names such as monster, two-face, and scarface.” Shalom mentioned how the bullying continued when she moved to America, to the point that she started to form suicidal thoughts.

Eventually, she started gaining confidence in herself, watching makeup tutorials at the age of 13 and learning how to use the art of cosmetics to make herself feel better. A couple of years later Shalom started her own Youtube channel, showcasing her natural beauty and creating makeup transformations. Her channel quickly gained a huge following, forming an inspiring message to her fans that everyone should love themselves, no matter what flaws they may think they have.

Shalom’s Youtube channel currently has 1.38 million subscribers, and she continues to grow and inspire the beauty community with her motivational content. “I feel like this was my calling,” said Blac. “I’m just glad that my story can actually inspire someone enough for them to realize their life is worth living.”

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