I Tried Flesh Beauty Products For The First Time

Since they launched this past summer, I’ve seen ads for Flesh beauty everywhere. Intrigued by the name, the appealing logo, and array of attractive neutrals (40 of them, to be exact) mixed with pops of fuschias, corals, plums, and reds, I was sold. Fortuitously, I came across the opportunity to interview Flesh beauty founder, and founding editor of Allure magazine, Linda Wells, which only sparked my interest for the brand even more. Below is my ~look~ and review of some of my favorite Flesh products. I hope you get some inspiration from this, and check out Flesh beauty exclusively at Ulta, in stores or online.



Firm Flesh Stick Foundation in Froth, $18

I found out the hard way that I am not always the lightest shade of foundation. Despite Froth being too pale for me (I never thought I would say those words), the foundation formula makes it actually quite forgiving, and blended into my skin well. I usually don’t like stick foundations, because I hate the feeling of rubbing anything on my skin, however, it was easy to use, and the finished result was clean and natural.


Swipe Flesh Lip Color in Puffy, $24

Up until I googled it just now, I genuinely believed that this lip color was a creamy eyeshadow and cheek pigment. Woops ~insert shrugging girl emoji. Either way, I love the subtle, flushed look it gives to my eyes and cheeks, and can’t wait to actually use it on my lips.


Fleshpot Eye and Cheek Gloss, $20

By far the product I was most excited to try out, and I’m SO glad that I did. Fleshpot does not disappoint- it adds this gorgeous peachy shimmer where it’s applied, without being too oily, sparkly, or sticky- not to mention, it’s perfect for finishing off a layered look, and doesn’t move the eyeshadow or concealer that’s below it. If I could dunk my entire body in Fleshpot and look like a giant creamsicle, I would.


Fleshy Flesh Lipstick in Moist, $18

This is genuinely my favorite lipstick at the moment. It’s slightly sheer, so it mixes really well with your natural lip color. I really love the color- I’m kind of realizing that I have a thing for coral, lately.


Touch Flesh Highlighting Balm in Startle, $18

Ahh, such a creamy and pearlescent highlighter. I’m obsessed with how smoothly it glides on, and the pretty, delicate finish. Am I the only person who feels so satisfied from swiping on stick highlighter?


Ripe Flesh Glisten Drops in Aura, $28

For me, this is the finishing touch. In this look, I put a drop of it on my cheekbone and brow bone. Wherever you put it, it will shine in flash photography, so I really only wear this going out at night.