How to Maintain Blonde Hair as a Non-Natural Blonde

By Caitlin Madden

I have been blonde the majority of my life (save for a post high school graduation “new me” stint where I dyed my hair auburn). As a kid I had golden blonde curls that slowly faded to light mousy brown as I got older.  At 13 I started getting highlights and by 16 I was a full on bottle blonde. Since then I’ve been almost every shade of blonde you could imagine. I have had both good and bad experiences, but I wouldn’t trade being a blonde for the world.  Over eight years of experience and countless hours spent in the salon, I’ve learned a few tricks to keeping blonde strands looking fresh.


    Make sure you’re ready to make an investment- If you’re thinking about dyeing your hair blonde, make sure you’ll be able to maintain it. When you go blonde, you’ll need to get touch ups as often as four to six weeks in order to cover your roots. This adds up to a lot of time and money spent in the salon. If you’re not feeling the commitment you can opt for highlights instead so you can go longer periods of time without a touch up.



     Avoid the Sun

The sun is not a friend to bottle blondes. The harsh UV rays coupled with bleach equals extra damage. If you know you’re going to be in the sun remember to protect your hair with a UV filter spray or a hat.


  Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is a lifesaver for dyed blonde hair. Blonde hair can often get brassy or yellow toned, and using a purple shampoo can help to combat it. The purple tone neutralizes yellowness and brings brightness back to your hair, making it look just like it did when you stepped out of the salon.



    Don’t Wash Too much

The more you wash your hair the more dull your blonde will become. Blonde hair is very fragile so washing it everyday can be a little rough; cut down to every other day if possible and make sure to use gentle sulfate free formulas designed for color treated hair.

1467762258-bbquenchmask-1    Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Bleaching your hair makes it dry and damaged, so you’ll need to make sure you’re putting extra moisture in your hair to make up for it. Try a deep conditioning treatment once a week or a leave in conditioner to quench your thirsty strands.


    Cut Down on Heat

Dyed blonde hair is damaged and very susceptible to breakage on its own, but it gets much more prone to damage when you add in styling tools. Since you’re probably not going to swear off the flat iron, make sure that you use a good heat protectant in order to prevent some of the damage.

Remember blondes are supposed to have more fun so don’t stress too much if you forget to do one of these things every once in awhile. As long as you find yourself a good colorist who will help to keep your hair healthy, you’re as good as gold(en blonde).

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