Holiday Wishlist Round Up 2016

By Cassandra Gagnon

Just because my Grinch heart grows three sizes when I buy my family gifts for the Holidays (Christmas for us), that does not mean that I am any less human and exempt from gift lust. I have therefore rounded up 20 gifts — with a generous three hundred dollar budget for each item– that are Holiday appropriate (aka sparkly for the most part, obviously). So if you want to get me (or somebody you would actually buy a gift for) something special and have no idea where to look and are overwhelmed by every other shopping guide, here’s another to really mess with your head. Enjoy.

1) de909448_03

We’ll start with an easy one. This Missguided satin choker dress. Two for one cute slip dress and necklace plus a festive red sheen? It’s kind of a given. Available here for $50.40.

2) screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-2-05-21-pm

Boohoo is probably my favorite place to get booties, especially because they’ve been doing the clear boot trend (aptly called condom boots by my roommate). These have  added a twist with glittery silver stars. Blessed. Available here for $70.

3) screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-40-27-pm

So this should be everybody’s “I could kill a man” holiday party dress because honestly this is the hottest version of a Clinton power pantsuit you’ll get and I am so about it. Available here for $114.


Now I’m usually a silver bells kind of girl, chop it up to a silver septum and nostril ring that are a pain to change, but these caught my eye. Hoops that aren’t from the early 2000s with your name or the world angel in it? Add the tourmaline outside and, perfection. Available here for $108.


You know what goes great with statement earrings? Another power suit. If you can cop fur lined loafers like this gal, bonus points. Available here on sale for about $100 for both pieces.


I am officially deeming baby pink the newest Holiday color with the absolute zero authority that I possess. Try it in fur here for $40.

7) screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-30-32-pm

I have some sick 80s prom dress obsession with tulle so making it classy and stereotypical Holiday party appropriate with embellishments and it makes the list. Available here for $142.

8) 8009104040_2_1_1

What goes with tulle better than golden reminders of the rapid death of bees? Morbid facts aside, the bug shaped adornments on a velvet bucket bag are a bunch of trends in one that somehow work. Available here for $50.

9) 40848632_065_h

Who needs practical when you can buy a baby pink sequin slip gown. I will descend the stairs to Christmas morning in this dress if it’s the last thing I do. If you wanna match it is available here for $126.

10)screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-27-20-pmSurprise more pale pink fur. This time instead of one of those pom pom keychains you can one up your friends by making it a bag. Wear it with the sequin dress for ultimate bourgeois look. Available here for $45.

11) screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-2-13-30-pm

If you want to be more Amy Winehouse than Amy Adams though you can always go with this red latex seeming init skirt. Complete with “whoops there it goes” front zipper. Available here for $36.


This is just really classic and pretty which are not themes I often apply to my look so props to me for change. Available here for only $12.

13) 40631962_066_b

Listen this is only $50 for the most bomb sequin and satin bodysuit. It’s like Lemonade in clothing form(ation). Available here.


Honestly just put these on with the bodysuit and call it a day. Baby pink. Velvet. Clear heels. What else can I say? Available here for $60.


I feel like everybody needs that piece of jewelry that makes them feel wealthy and classy even when you spill twenty five cent ramen on your sweater and just kind of leave it. Not that I’ve done that. Available here for $120.


This is faux for all you PETA activists out there, no need to throw a dead raccoon at me like Anna. Though it does channel a certain villain, she served looks while being bad. Available here for $200.

17) screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-52-01-pm

And last but the opposite of least, a pair of stay ups from the luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. The only item worth buying under $300. Treat yourself here for $45.

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