High Fashion Just Got Higher: YSL Roller Skate Stilettos are a Thing

By Nicole Plonski

Yves Saint Laurent has a reputation for making people “oooooohhh” and “aaaaaahhh” at his creations. His Fall 2017 collection is anticipated to produce no less a reaction.

In fact, those daring enough to try his Roller Skate Stilettos might still be echoing these elongated vowel sounds but under a different circumstance; one that starts off with what seems like a life or death balancing act and ends in regrets…but at least they’re designer ones…DUH.

YSL and creative director, Anthony Vaccarello, revealed these three-or more inch stilettos with attached roller skate wheels and a kick-start break underneath the platform as part of the accessories collection. They are available in four different designs. In other words, for most fashionable results match your fall to your outfit. You can choose from black satin with crystal embellishments to three snakeskin versions (below). While the $1,995 wheel-heel combination is a new addition to the brand’s footwear, wheels are not. In 2013, sneakers with roller skate wheels were a buyable option for $1,195.

Despite the probability of going “wheee” to “whoops” real quick while sporting YSL’s Roller Skate Stilettos, I could see myself taking the risk as long as someone is right there holding my hand. It is undeniable that they are a statement in themselves. And wearing them? That’s another statement for sure, AND easily shareable to ALL social media for ALL to see (before they go back in the closet never to be worn again, but always remembered).

All jokes aside, one thing is for sure, and this is that fashion (and YSL) is not waiting for any of us to catch up or to approve of what it has come to be. Fashion is a variable. It is forever changing. It can be beautiful and aesthetically ugly. It can be anything and everything, and a mixture of both. Why not appreciate fashion where it is in the moment?

But serious question, does one walk in roller skate stilettos or does one skate?

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