Hawaiian Dance Party – Nicole’s July Editor’s Picks

So, I’m back with another month of my favorites and I thought I would start this one off the same way I start my every day, with orange juice.

Why do I have orange juice on my board two months in a row? Well, some things just don’t change… and probably never will. But, I have been drinking more sparkling water than usual when my best friend had me try some of her La Croix. With its fancy shmansy name that I know I can’t pronounce but have fun trying to, its colorful packaging, and never bland taste, its been fighting for a place in the refrigerator with my OJ. Just kidding. NEXT.

I am sure we have all seen a dad wear a Hawaiian shirt on a vacation because they’re on “vaaaaaacaaaatiooon” and it’s “cool.” Well, this month I decided to take the vacation out of the Hawaiian style shirt and then actually, literally, truly, make it cool. I’ve been wearing them loose, with 2-3 buttons left not buttoned, chunky necklaces, and hoop earrings. It’s a look that’s easy and comfortable.

As for the small cat eye sunglasses, they are everywhere and everywhere are they. The glasses are nothing new in the world of fashion and certainly not for this month of July, but I have yet to come across an all clear pair… until recently. I’ve seen the all clear sunglass thing done a lot with aviators and oversized styles, but this…this is different, and different I like. Inevitably, when I scrolled upon the clear frame and clear lens small cat eye glasses on ASOS, I purchased them in seconds. They’re a fashion statement that can match any outfit… unlike light up sneakers.

I am pretty sure the last pair of light up sneakers I owned had one of the Disney princesses on them. However, I have been seeing light up sneakers on a lot of websites lately and I finally decided to give in. Leave it to present time to bring back things that no one thought would come back into style again. Leave it to me to buy them to wear with a bathing suit. Instagram picture coming soon. #I’mExtra.

This summer I also decided to go the more permanent route and instead of using lemon juice to lighten my hair, I died my hair platinum blonde. While I love the way it looks and the way it makes me feel on a self-confidence level, I would be lying if I said the process did not damage my hair significantly. I have been relying a lot on Viviscal, a shampoo and conditioner that contains a combination of proteins, minerals, and vitamins that encourage hair growth, to densify existing hair and help in growing back the hair I have lost due to hair bleach. It hasn’t failed me in the past.

Plus, I need my hair to look good for my last July weekend of Summer 2018 AKA The Chainsmokers Concert I am going to. This explains why a lot of my roof down, music blasting car rides have consisted of The Chainsmokers the last few weeks. And rainy days… they called for catching up on World of Dance episodes just in case I want to show off some new moves at the concert…or maybe I’ve just had a lifelong crush on Derek Hough. Who knows. *Sips OJ*

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