Happy Solstice! Here Are Some Magical Ways To Celebrate Summer

Image by Emma Westbrook

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! The Summer Solstice marks the official beginning of summer, where the sun is at its highest point in the sky, making it the longest day of the year. The Summer Solstice goes by many names- Midsummer, Litha, St. John’s day, to name a few- and has been celebrated by many different cultures all throughout history. In Wiccan culture, this day represents the return of the sun god or the light. The Summer Solstice is an amazing opportunity to celebrate the changing seasons and the cycle of nature!

Below are some ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice:


Indulge in self-care!

Do some restorative yoga, take a bath, do a face mask, or recline in a hammock. Indulge in the relaxing summer lifestyle yet to come!

Host a bonfire!

Bring in the light and spend some time with friends around the fire. You can even throw some herbs or flowers in; rose petals and fresh basil will help you honor the season, provide some aromatherapy, and work a little love magic!~


Beach at dusk
Image by Emma Westbrook


Go to the beach!

Although it may be a little early to swim, the beach is an amazing, sacred summer space to gather with friends or reflect on your own.


Read Shakespeare!

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” was written about a Summer Solstice evening. The  play consists of lots of spells, love, and mischievous fairies. Fairies are notorious for causing havoc, but they can also bring much luck if treated right! (Relatable.)


Rose garden
Image by Emma Westbrook

Plant or buy flowers!

The June full moon is actually known as the flower moon, so welcome in some natural aromatherapy and gratitude for mother earth’s fragrant gifts.

Eat some strawberries!

By far the easiest and yummiest way to honor the wheel of the year. Go consume some delicious, in-season strawberries, or incorporate them in a recipe. In fact, my go-to summer salad consists of arugula, strawberries, goat cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, black pepper.


Do a ritual!

There are many sacred traditional and newer rituals that can be done for the Summer Solstice, such as this.


Blessed Litha and Happy Solstice to all!


Emma Westbrook is a practicing witch and intuitive tarot reader. She has been following the religion of Wicca for five years, and has been reading divination cards for seven years. She creates her own tinctures, oil and herbal blends, spells, and meditations. She also works with crystals, moon phases, and seasons to connect and manifest with the natural flow of the universe. Emma writes a biweekly column on magic, as well as monthly tarot-scopes (tarot + horoscopes) for Blush online. Message her on personal Instagram at @emmawest.brook or her business instagram @weaving.witch for personalized readings, magical products, and other inquiries.


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