Gucci’s Prophetic (Profit-ic) Year of the Dog

Maybe 2018 isn’t as bad as we think it will be — it is the year of the dog, after all. Chinese New Year begins February 16th and to celebrate, Gucci mastermind Alessandro Michele has designed a capsule collection inspired by the Chinese tradition, specifically around the gloriousness of dogs. (A theme so effortless, so sellable, one would wonder why every designer doesn’t include puppies in their campaigns.)

In total, 63 pieces were released ranging from $255 and upwards. But what does puppy couture actually entail? (No pun intended.) Helen Downie, a friend of Michele, designed and inspired much of the collection. For instance, Downie is the owner of two Boston Terriers, Orso and Bosco, who are now the official snouts of Gucci. Almost every piece of merchandise is embroidered, adorned, or painted with their furry faces.

To promote the capsule collection, none other than Petra Collins constructed a photoshoot featuring Orso, Bosco, and other pooches next to the products. It was released early in the new year and can be found all over the fashion side of Twitter, as well as the Gucci website.

All in all, this campaign can be reduced to more than the attention that dogs deserve. Don’t get me wrong; THEY DESERVE ALL OF THE ATTENTION EVER. However, this can be traced back to a handful of trends.

Needless to say, this line (and pretty much Gucci itself) is geared towards millennials. Notice Petra Collins, a millennial in fashion herself, is photographing Gucci. Her use of Millennial Pink and Gen Z Yellow are also signifiers of the targeting of a younger audience. The consumer is also able to interact with Orso and Bosco on the Gucci app, which is one of the most new-age things I’ve ever heard.

Beyond the obvious, Gucci could be tapping into their massive Eastern market. According to the New York Times, China is still leading the way in luxury fashion. And while it’s true that every SoHo girl likes Gucci and Boston Terriers, this line is something that many Chinese women can relate to on a higher level, being that it is such a massive celebration in China.

As sales for Gucci continue to grow, it’s hard to resist the charm and magnetism. But one thing’s for sure: It’s dog-eat-dog in the world of high-fashion… and Alessandro Michele seems to be doing just fine.

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