Gucci’s Climb to the Top

It’s no secret that Gucci has been on the rise as one of the leading luxury brands in the market, especially for entertainment professionals. You’ve seen the classic luxe designs on everyone from the likes of Harry Styles, to Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Lana Del Ray, and so forth. However, the cult classic ‘GG’ symbols seem to be more inescapable today, than ever before. So, at Blush, we have to ask ourselves, what makes Gucci uber worthy of breaking the bank in 2018?

Flashback to 2015, the wildly talented Alessandro Michele becomes Creative Director of the struggling brand, thus giving birth to what is now known as “New Gucci.” It’s very evident that the design team began looking at the creative process through a more experimental lens, with the incorporation of maximalist details to preexisting beloveds.

For example, the classic “Sylvie” shoulder bag was always made to match the aesthetics of the brand’s Italian identity. However, nowadays you can spot a variety of wild colors where green, red, white and black once conquered. Michele has even began adding energetic brooches, studs and patches to the handbags, which has become a favorite for the Millennials who fawn over the brand’s new aesthetic.

Dazzling accessories and styling efforts are just the start of Gucci’s transformative climb to the top. The overall brand has grown to become something of a phenomenon as of late. Sales have been reported to skyrocket since the dramatic firing of the brand’s former creative director, Frida Giannini and CEO, Patrizio di Marco.

Current reigning CEO, Marco Bizzarri revealed the immense success of the brand has more to do with Millennials than just their habitual shopping. In fact, Bizzarri meets regularly with a private group of young people under 30, and talks trends, ideas and anything else that may fall under the radar of Gucci. Michele and Bizzarri have formed something of a happy work marriage, as they let one another do what they do best. While Bizzarri takes on the business front, Michele is left to unleash the creative genius he’s developed throughout his time building “New Gucci.”

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