Graffiti Hair: The New Wearable Art

By Taylor Bushey

And yet another fun, trendy hair look is created for all to see. If plain rainbow hair wasn’t enough to satisfy your artistic cravings, then this new style will. Graffiti and hair have come together to hit an all new level of salon coloring.

It’s been reported by PopSugar that hairstylists are creating artwork in all different forms to replicate street art found all over walls and alleys.

Graffiti, a popular form of free-hand art is a bold (and mostly illegal) way to publicly showcase someone’s artistic skills. Having been around since ancient times, it’s constantly evolving. Now, with it being worn as a new found trend, hairstylists have an unrestricted way of expressing more of their talents.

To create the look, one hairstylist says she makes templates and paints or sprays over it to reveal a design. Others use similar methods, and that way it helps the art have more intricate detail and stand out from the hair. Also, if the look is achieved this way, the color is more temporary from only being sprayed on versus going through dye treatments. This way it creates more versatility by giving the choice of forming a new design more often and not experiencing the harmful effects of bleach.


However, some are showing their sprayed on design over an already fully dyed style. For instance, one person could have dyed their hair in a blue ombre, but also have a more purple design decorated over it. Both looks are equally fashionable, but demonstrate different levels of color.

It’s also a look that doesn’t have to be achieved at a salon. Friends can also design different looks through their own creativity. The idea of graffiti hair is perfect for summer, especially during festival season. It’s one of the best times to experiment with the new use of color in a fashion forward way.

Plus, anyone can rock this style as they can tailor it to their own personal one. Whether more minimalistic or crazy about the use of color, each design is left to your ultimate decision.

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