Grace’s July Monthly Medley

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Greetings! This month I’ve traveled far and wide to bring you my July editor’s picks. The park. The beach. The backyard. The forest. What does this mean, you wonder. What do all of these places, these objects have in common? They are all picnic-friendly. This month’s round-up of all my faves go beyond the classic summer vibe, to capture the lighthearted, colorful, easiness of my July, succinct with the feeling of a summer picnic. This is, if you will, my editor’s Pick-nic.

First and foremost, there must be a blanket to picnic on. In comes…. The outdoor throw. I’ve been using one like this and it’s made my life unbelievably easy. It’s portable!!!! On this throw, I have a speaker playing all of my favorite summer music, listed above. Meanwhile, I’m munching on some crackers and this amazzzzing goat cheese. It’s flavored with fig and grapefruit! Definitely picnic-appropriate, and it pairs well with other fruits, crackers, and cookies.

To all of these picnics, I can only hope you wear your most colorful summer garb. As for me, you can find me wearing the most mom-shorts ever. Why? They are delightful and friendly. Just like a mom! Or a picnic! Like a basket of berries, this accessory is refreshing, chirpy and cheerful: pom-pom jewelry. It also matches with this eyeshadow palette from Smashbox, which is the perfect blend of punchy and sophisticated. If that’s not nearly enough color for you, you might be interested in primary color nails. I’ve been wearing them all July and they bring me endless joy and compliments. To finish it off, I’ve been wearing this perfume. It’s as perfectly calming, and equally romantic, as a walk in the park.

Finally, to finish things off, I’ve been talking about my astrology way too much using the app Co-Star, since Mars is in retrograde and I just need to stay up to date. My friends and I talk about it over watermelon and chips. Also in the conversation is Queer Eye…. it’s almost too wholesome for picnic conversations. And lastly, after all this time in the sun, eating cheese, listening to music, and talking about the five most important men in my life, I treat my skin with this Curology blend. Summer breakouts will not be a thing this year my friends.

Once the blanket is packed up, the food is put back in its tupperware, and we shake the dirt/grass/sand off our mom-short booties, one question remains…. What are you bringing to your next picnic?

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