#GoGina | Let’s Talk Personalization in Skin Care w/ Beauty Professionals

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Welcome back blush bosses! In this edition of #GoGina, we’re getting all the tea on personalization in beauty from personalities and professionals. Many of you have been asking about the event since the sneak peeks via my Insta story. If you were tuned in,  #GoGina had an unexpected —but happily excepted surprise event. Britt, Creative Director here at BlushMagFIT.com, and I always RSVP each other to random events around the city so this was truly nothing new but this event itself—truly revitalizing.

I was already excited to take a break from the class-internship-work rotation but once I discovered the topic was personalization in beauty I was intrigued. 1- how do I personalize my skincare and beauty routine and 2- who’s going to be there?


WeWork DUMBO, Brooklyn NY


Le Culture Club | Personalization in Beauty


Mi-Anne Chan, host of Refinery 29’s Beauty with Mi

Karen, Oui Shave Founder

Jeni Sykes, Holistic Facial Therapist at CAP Beauty

Mandi Nyambi, Co-Founder and CEO of LeCulture Club

Hosted by Chinae Alexander, Social Entrepreneur & Influencer

Panelists left to right: Mi-Anne Chan, Karen, Jeni Sykes, Mandi Nyambi, Chinae Alexander
Panelists left to right: Mi-Anne Chan, Karen, Jeni Sykes, Mandi Nyambi, Chinae Alexander

We were excited to learn that one of our favorite beauty journalists and host of Refinery 29’s Beauty with Mi, Mi-Anne Chan, was on the panel. I first met Mi-Anne at the beginning of this year at the 2018 Renegade PR Showcase in March. She was one of the guest speakers and as PR manager of Renegade at the time, I got to interview her. I was super nervous but when I meet her all my nerves washed away. Mi-Anne was so down to earth and ready to share an abundance of wisdom from her time in the industry thus far with the FIT student body. So when Britt told me she was going to be there I was really excited to see her again.

Le CultureClub’s line up was knowledgeable and excited to share the proven rituals when personalizing their beauty routines. Karen from Oui Shave told us everything we wish our mothers would’ve told us about shaving and how to get the perfect cut. Jeni Sykes from CAP Beauty filled our cups with holistic skincare and beauty practices we could try both by our selves as well as in the doctors’ office. Mandi Nyambi shed light on how different people with different backgrounds could find products curated specifically for them. Let’s take a look at the highlights…


“Holistic Skincare is key. I practice holistic skincare so my I’m always coming from a place of care.” “It’s my jobs to help you care for your skin from within”

—Jeni Sykes

Karen founder of Oui Shave on making ingrown hairs a thing of the past and getting the most out of your shave:

  • Exfoliate BEFORE shaving: our razors will often pick up dead skin as we’re shaving. Deadskin in your razor means a clogged razor [dah], increased risk of ingrown hairs, and a less close shave.
  • Clean razors with oil: This one was news to me. You can clean your razors with oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil, and other oils. I would stay away from coconut oil as it solidifies in cool temperatures and is harder to rinse off than other oils.
  • Don’t keep razors in your shower: Your razor will erode, agitate the

Karen also mentioned the Oui Shave’s razors also have cleaning feature built into them. Find out more about the Oui razor here. Who knows, these razors might end up on my next editor’s picks. Speaking of favorites, towards the end of the discussion Chaine asked the speakers what their holy grail products are in their customized routines. Here’s what the panel had to say.

Holy Grail Products

Mi-Anne: Drunk Elephant Mask and Serum
Mi-Anne says that the mask and serum not only helps with acne but also hyperpigmentation. She also noted, “The way you personalize skin care is looking at the ingredients in the products you use, finding the ones you love, then gravitate towards those same products.”

Jeni Sykes: LED Photo Technology & Jade Rollers
“At home, I like things like jade rollers. It’s about things that allow you to interact with your skin. I practice non-invasive skin care.” It’s official, I’m converted! I’ve always loved holistic health but I never gave thought to holistic practices in beauty. You can purchase jade rollers from some expensive site or you could just surf Amazon. As for the light technology, Ulta and Target sell Neutrogena‘s version of the at-home light technology mask but I’m sure nothing compares the real deal in-office treatment.

Mandi Nyambi: P50 Toner
The founder of LeCultureClub raved about how P50 Toner keeps her skin on ten. Mandi also shared that the brand is actually in the process of  “creating a product that will help you find out what’s good for you and your skin in particular.” We love an exclusive and will defiantly stay tuned to LeCultureClub.com for this product launch.

Chinae Alexander: Amazon Esarora Ice Roller and Weleda Skin Food
Chaine said both the Esarora Ice Roller and the Weleda Skin Food run for about 11 dollars each. That sounds like a steal for gems that make your skin look like luxury.

We wrapped with some ways to find out new skin care products and secrets. Obviously, we’re all influenced by… influencers. But finding people who really have transformed their skin or even have skin like you is most benefit all. You really have to personalize your skin routine the same way we do our hair; we work with the colors that work for us and break up with the ones that don’t.

How have you personalized your skincare routine? Do you practice holistic beauty techniques are you into the heavy-duty products? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share what makes you get up and go!