#GoGina: July Favorites from Editor Regina

Let’s get right into it. The things that have made me get up and go this past month. #GoGina


Love Flare, Don’t Care

PSA: Flare pants give you BOWDY honey! If you don’t have curves flare pants create them for you. But if you’re like me, flare pants hug you in all the right places, tucking the less favorable and showing off the rest. I’m down for anything flowy enough for beach bottom cover-ups yet sophisticated enough for office contemporary casual. Now that I’ve had a taste of flare I’m never going back. With all the movement these pants give me they are for sure certified thick chick friendly.

Slay Bae ft. Flyliner

Rihanna sweetie, just take my money. Take it! I’ve been looking for an upgrade from my usual drugstore liner that flakes on me by the end of the night. Per usual, mama Fenty came to save and slay my life this past month with the launch of Fenty Beauty’s black felt tip liner, boldly named the Flyliner. She’d been sporting some unique eyeliner looks prior to the launch, my favorite one being the raved about white eyeliner look she wore to Off-White designer, Virgil Abloh’s, show. In typical RiRi fashion, this was no mistake. I suspect more colors will soon complete the Flyliner collection.

Salt- Pretty in Pink

Really Y’all, Keto has me addicted to salt. Now before you go lecturing me about my blood pressure, I promise I’ve done my research and some experimenting of my own. The thing about Himalayan Pink Salt is that it contains more beneficial minerals than your typical white table salt. An added bonus- you need less of it as it’s salty flavor is more pungent than other salts i.e. salty goodness, hold the high blood pressure.

Scorpion (…minus “In My Feelings”)

So my original review as of June 30th, one day after the release, was as follows:

  1. In My Feelings
  2. Mob Ties
  3. Blue Tint
  4. Peak
  5. Can’t Take a Joke
  6. After Dark

However, due to the internet and its undefeated ability to ruin any and everything… In My Feelings has found its self at a cool 15 on my favorites list off the double album. Still, I listen to the album weekly.  I have to say this album is so good it made me forget about More Life. Drake is truly in a lane of his own, consistently topping his last home run.

What have been your go-to’s for July? Let us know in the comments below!