Glossier Caters to Your Face & Now, Your Pup

Yes. You read that right. Two of your favorite things in the world, your dog and makeup, are coming together for a collab. Glossier just announced that they are teaming up with Barkbox, a subscription site where you can get monthly toys for your pup, to create dog toys that look like Glossier makeup products. How did this crossover come about? Well first off, Glossier’s flagship store is a block away from the Barkbox headquarters. A representative from Glossier told, “BARK’s offices are right around the corner from our NYC flagship and, after noticing what a popular and dog-friendly destination Glossier is, they were inspired to create two toys that pay homage to our bestselling Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom.” Did you know that Glossier is a dog-friendly store? Me neither.

We’re all familiar with Glossier. Glossier is a beauty brand that focuses more on basic beauty products, and provides skincare products to enhance one’s natural beauty. In the past year, the no-makeup makeup look has been on the rise. Glossier’s products have earned recognition with this trend, as most of their products are lightweight and won’t give you the heavy full face of makeup feel.

Two of Glossier’s best sellers, the Boy Brow and the Balm Dotcom have been made into dog toys, and they have the cutest names ever. While you’re using your Boy Brow, your dog will be playing with their Toy Brow, which actually has a separate applicator that can come out. To top it off, when your applying Balm Dotcom to your lips, your pup will be rolling around with their very own Balm Dogcom.


This collab may seem silly, but it is great publicity for both Glossier and Barkbox. The polar opposite companies collaborating is bound to get some attention. Barkbox customers may be inspired to purchase Glossier products, and Glossier advocates may want to subscribe to Barkbox. These limited edition dog toys are a great photo op. Imagine all the cute pictures you can get for your Instagram feed! 


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