Girlfriend Collective is Saving the World, One Workout at a Time

Whether you’re one of those people who actually wear workout clothes to, you know, go workout (weird), or you’re like me and wear them to lounge around in, Girlfriend Collective is definitely for you.


Girlfriend Collective is an active wear brand that focuses on both quality and community while being completely sustainable. Based in Seattle, Washington, the brand was started up by Quang Dinh, when his wife could not find an eco-friendly activewear brand. Chivalry is not dead yet, ladies! Girlfriend Collective is very transparent and open about their production of the activewear, showing their customers how ethical and sustainable they truly are. Many positive reviews of the brand say that the material used is very comfortable, never pills, and has the quality to slim and elongate the body.

The brand is known for its production of luxurious, sustainable activewear made with recycled water bottles, specifically category #1 plastic. Each pair of leggings uses up to 25 recycled plastic water bottles and have flattering, compression material. Each pair of leggings are worth as low as $58 and can go up to as high as $78. Now, I know this sounds like a lot of money. Trust me, as a typical broke college student, I get it. However, for the price, you get many years of high quality, well fitting, sustainable leggings that are known to last through all types of workouts (even the ones where your couch is involved).


The brand gained huge recognition when they gave away thousands of leggings over the internet for free in 2016. Right now, they have a program, where if you refer a friend through email, they get $10 off of their order and you get a free pair of leggings.

The company has now come out with a sports bra, a part of their new spring Garden Collection, made with ECONYL yarn fibers. ECONYL nylon has a significantly lower environmental impact than virgin nylon but with the same quality. Virgin nylon is produced with crude oil, however, ECONYL nylon uses carpet fluff from carpets, fishing nets, and other discarded virgin nylon products, significantly lowering the environmental impact while maintaining the same high quality and strength.


Girlfriend Collective also makes diversity and inclusivity a huge part of its identity. The athleisure comes in a generous variety of sizes, from XXS to 6XL, and the models themselves are just as unique, as the company vows to never retouch or alter their images. The brand ensures that everyone is welcome, and encouraged to join the collective.

By avoiding the extraction of crude oils, diverting waste from landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumptions, as well as embracing diversity, the brand is making the world a better place. Girlfriend Collective is a prime example of a company cares about the physical and mental health of its customers and the environment.

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